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Integrate your call data into existing business tools, an addition to managing call recording through your existing business systems.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: An open API for businesses of all sizes

An open API for businesses of all sizes

At the core of Dubber’s architecture is the API, with a RESTful structure that manages data transactions both internally and with external data providers and end users. All capabilities of the Dubber platform can be managed through both a traditional portal and through the API. The API can be used to manage all aspects of the platform, enabling service providers to provision users and manage accounts, while end users can design their own system for managing recorded data.

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Analytics Integration

Dubber and Akixi, through Dubber’s OpenAPI, have created a best of breed technology package of native cloud call recording and intelligent analytics services. The solution offers an intelligent call analytics service, monitoring over 200 statistics including call duration, wait time, talk time, hold time, and much more. Data recorded through Dubber can be intelligently browsed and located using Akixi’s analytics to provide a fully comprehensive solution offering businesses detailed insight into their customer interactions.

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Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Analytics Integration
Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Provisioning


Dubber’s API allows service providers to deploy Dubber services automatically when they provision users on their phone system.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Recording management

Recording management

Businesses can configure users and display call recording data in their own systems, making it easy to access information and recordings in one place.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Integrations


Businesses can utilize call recording as part of their existing apps and services. Recordings can be saved under the correct person in a CRM application, making information more accessible.

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Here you’ll find a collection of information and documentation on what our API can do, as well as the opportunity to start testing it for yourself.

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“Dubber’s Restful API is great. I am technical, but for those that aren’t it’s simple to follow. Dubber provided me with example scripts and the technical support team were always on hand if I needed help. I had a fully integrated service in 3 days.”

Perry Trienekens, Cloud Specialist at CloudConnected

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