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Team Dubber

Team Dubber

28 February 2019

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Voice calls are the main point of contact for Australian Military Bank members. The Bank uses Dubber call recording as an essential part of improving the member experience and compliance.

Here’s the backstory

Australian Military Bank is a member-owned mutual bank. Open to everyone, however, it provides specialist banking and finance services to Defence personnel and their families.

There are 14 branch locations across Australia and 11 internal Departments connected to Dubber CallN.

Head of Marketing Penelope Killick says the bank’s membership differs from other financial institutions. Many members serve in the Defence Force, they get deployed across Australia and may find themselves posted overseas. 

She says: "We’ve got members who are always on the move. That’s why contacting via phone is so important. Our members may be deployed in places where they don’t have access to a branch. For these reasons, voice calls are the main point of contact for many members. It’s vital that we get it right.”

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While the Bank has a central call centre in Sydney, many calls are either directed to branches or routed to them. The system can transfer after-hours calls in Eastern Australia to a branch in Perth. The contact centre team are able to handle many enquiries that might otherwise be a branch's job.

Customer Experience is everything

Rizwan Dean, the Bank’s IT manager, says the Bank uses Dubber CallN for quality assurance, call recording and analytics. It allows staff to go back into calls, review a conversation, understand what members are talking about and identify their pain points.

He says: “We get a lot of information by listening to calls. Our conversations with our members tells us a lot about what they really want from us as their bank. We find Dubber is a very useful application.”


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Killick says improving the member experience is a key priority for the Bank. “We can provide them with services to meet their requirements. We can help members particularly at the moment when Covid can mean circumstances may change”.

“Being able to log-in, and look at what is happening with member enquiries is important. We like having the ability to coach our staff in how to better respond to what are often unique requirements. And we find the tool useful when it comes to handling complaints, which is part of improving the member experience.”

Proactive Fraud Detection and Compliance

Dean says the Bank also uses voice recordings to detect and deal with fraud. Calls are easily checked if the fraud team suspects there is an issue or if a customer asks a staff member to do something fraudulent.

Another important related use is bank compliance. Australian regulators require the Bank to keep customer recordings for seven years. The recordings provide immutable evidence of every customer conversation.

As part of that process, auditors have the opportunity to review sample recordings and their own quality assurance checks. They provide reports to the Board and to regulators, to demonstrate they are meeting compliance requirements. 


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Cost Savings, Reliability and Productivity in the Cloud

Australia Military Bank’s dispersed network uses unified communications and that’s a natural partner for Dubber’s unified voice recording.

Dean says it means the Bank can use a single solution for all its recordings.

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He says; "When I joined the Australian Military Bank one of the biggest pain points was that the Bank had to put physical computers and hardware at each site. These connect to our network and sit listening to voice traffic.


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"The recordings were then uploaded back into the CallN portal. That was a problem because our branches are located at Defence sites. When there was maintenance, security work or patches on the Defence network, our branches would lose their connectivity. That meant we would have gaps in our quality assurance and compliance. 

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"Going to Dubber CallN cloud made our lives so much easier. That’s because it no longer matters where someone is dialling in from, even from mobiles, the recording happens at the Telstra gateway, not the branch.

“It means the gap is now closed. We don’t miss anything. It also means the overall

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hardware footprint and the capex is significantly reduced.”



The cost and productivity savings to the Bank are considerable. Previously every time a computer broke down, they’d have to replace it and send it out to the site and all machines required constant patching and upgrades to stay compliant. 

As a result of the move to the cloud solution, they’ve eliminated the huge number of hours spent every month building and patching computers and guiding staff how to set them up on site.

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