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what is a sip trunk?

What is a SIP Trunk?

27th September 2017
Introducing HIP Recorder from RoutIT

Introducing HIP Recorder from RoutIT

Launching at RoutIT Vision this month, HIP Recorder is the latest offering from Netherlands wholesale infrastructure and cloud services provider RoutIT – and it’s powered by […]
21st September 2017

Unlocking Unstructured Data: the Voice Processing Power of Zoe

Unstructured data enables organisations to gain insight into their working practices. The term unstructured data describes information that does not have a set format, unlike its […]
15th September 2017
Welcome To Your Augmented Reality

Welcome To Your Augmented Reality

This week Apple announced it will be bringing face-tracking support to its AR platform ARKit on iPhone X, its new phone launching in celebration of the […]
29th August 2017

Embracing Remote Working: How UC Can Help Businesses

Remote working is slowly challenging the norm of 9-5. Flexibility in working practice is replacing allocated desks and designated start and finish times, while performance is […]