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What is WebRTC by Dubber cloud call recording platform for UC

What is WebRTC?

what is a sip trunk?

What is a SIP Trunk?

9th November 2018
Breakout invite

A must for Connections: our product breakout session

Come and learn why Dubber is BroadCloud’s call recording platform and about our voice AI product, Zoe. Key takeaways: How to launch BroadCloud Call Recording, powered […]
4th October 2018
Dubber's Achievements and Growth, with CEO Steve McGovern

Dubber’s Achievements and Growth, with CEO Steve McGovern

Dubber CEO, Steve McGovern sat down to discuss Dubber’s recent achievements and look to the future. Watch the video to hear more about what sets us […]
24th September 2018
How Voice AI Can Help Contact Centre Agents

How Voice AI Can Help Contact Centre Agents

Contact centres would be nothing without their agents. As the first point of contact for customers, contact centre agents are the face, or voice, of the […]
17th September 2018
improve customer retention with call recording

Improve Customer Retention with Call Recording

Many service providers are missing out on customer retention opportunities by not offering their customers call recording solutions that can help their business. As more and […]