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What is WebRTC by Dubber cloud call recording platform for UC

What is WebRTC?

what is a sip trunk?

What is a SIP Trunk?

19th March 2018
What is Playback? A unique product for individuals

Playback: a Unique Product for Individuals

Specially designed for individuals, Playback is a groundbreaking new product that gives users the gift of hindsight. How does Playback work? With Playback, users are able […]
1st March 2018
Call Recording for Efficiency

Call Recording for Efficiency

What can call recording offer businesses today and in the future? Spoiler alert: it’s so much more than just compliance. Customer service is the way that […]
12th February 2018
The benefits of the cloud with Dubber call recording

Infographic: Why Move to the Cloud?

At Dubber, we have built our products and services in the cloud: benefitting from the unlimited scalability and storage that this provides. We have chosen Amazon […]
29th January 2018
VoIP call recording with Dubber SaaS platform

VoIP Call Recording White Paper