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What is WebRTC by Dubber cloud call recording platform for UC

What is WebRTC?

what is a sip trunk?

What is a SIP Trunk?

7th January 2019
Call recording, churn, and NPS

Call recording, churn and NPS…a marriage made in heaven?

When you think about call recording, you’re probably thinking of server rooms full of equipment, call centers, RVAs announcing that this call may be monitored for […]
12th December 2018

Playback – the answer to forgetfulness

Have you ever put the phone down and forgotten what the last point was? What was the last item you are meant to pick up on […]
3rd December 2018
MiFID II Infographic

Infographic: MiFID II Key Facts

EU regulation MiFID II is driving demand for call recording across all customers in financial industries who operate in EU countries. Download our infographic to give […]
9th November 2018
Breakout invite

A must for Connections: our product breakout session

Come and learn why Dubber is BroadCloud’s call recording platform and about our voice AI product, Zoe. Key takeaways: How to launch BroadCloud Call Recording, powered […]