Product news

17 November 20

Reducing the cost and complexity of compliance with Legal Hold

There's a solution that reduces the complexity of complying with a legal hold request. CALL DUB and DUB AI include Legal Hold as standard.


21 October 20

Four ways resellers can differentiate themselves in every Microsoft Teams deal today.

Dubber is now available to automatically record every conversation on Microsoft Teams and can be turned on with a click.


20 October 20

Do more with every call on Cisco

Cisco customers across their Webex® Calling, UCM-C, HCS, and CUCM services can unlock voice data with call recording from Dubber.


13 October 20

Four alerts every manager needs

What if voice content – a call to a mobile, VOIP phone or landline – could be automatically turned into data to generate automated alerts?


18 September 20

One Simple Step to Selling Dubber on Cisco

Dubber on Cisco is here - the only Unified Call Recording Solution & Voice Data Cloud available native to Cisco Webex Calling, HCS, UCM, CUCM and WX Carrier - securely capturing calls across fixed lines, mobile devices, and IP connections.


19 August 20

Make a seamless transition to the cloud from MediaSense

The official deadline for the end of MediaSense is October 31st 2020. If you’ve been relying on it to record your calls, the time is now to replace it with Dubber Unified Call Recording.


18 August 20

Voice Data + Big Data = Big Impacts

Data Exporter unlocks the voice data of a business and allows companies to truly unify their data to create a single source of truth.


05 August 20

It’s time to Dub on Telstra

Dubber Unified Call Recording and voice data intelligence is now available on Telstra’s TIPT, Liberate and SIP services.


07 July 20

Product release news – July 2020: data exporter and retention periods

We’re shipping retention features, giving you simpler access to call data via our data exporter, and the first release from our identity management team.


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