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18 January 21

The value of Call Recording adds up

92% of all customer interactions are voice. More than ever with dispersed work environments, those calls and conversations are happening in new locations, and across multiple networks, collaboration platforms and devices.


15 January 21

The Year of Ending Not Knowing

While 2021 will see the continuing acceleration of the dominant trends of 2020, it will be a different year again as enterprises and governments shift from a scramble to adapt to a new normal, to reshaping their futures based on new conditions.


01 December 20

Five key trends that will impact Resellers in 2021

Long after COVID-19 becomes a distant memory, its impact will have a lasting effect on workforces. 2021 will see businesses formalising their remote working policies and business continuity plans, and adopting new technology to cater to these requirements.


The language of global business

As business becomes more and more international, the languages used to communicate only become more numerous. This globalised way of operating requires a multilingual approach.


17 November 20

It’s time to end not knowing

James Slaney is the co-founder of Dubber. Here he gives us an overview of how voice data can provide solutions to business problems.


Satisfied or Dissatisfied?

Customer experience starts and ends with customer satisfaction. But how do you know when a customer is satisfied or not?


To sell more – do this now

It’s time to bring a new level of productivity to every sales team with the automated capture and data conversion of every conversation.


30 October 20

Five ways Unified Call Recording is creating compliance efficiencies for Financial Services

Keeping up with myriad regulation changes in Financial Services is a constant challenge. But if neglected, businesses may risk being exposed to customer disputes, law suits, and reputational damage


28 October 20

Disputes? Resolved.

The most important conversations happen over the phone. Unfortunately there isn’t a paper trail that shows exactly what was said. Until now.


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