Dubber thoughts


Financial compliance during Covid-19

11 September 20

Regulatory drivers such as MiFID II and the Dodd-Frank Act require the secure and accurate recording and long-term storage of conversations relating to financial transactions.


Five questions with James Slaney

James Slaney is co-founder of Dubber and General Manager of Product. Read his views on the impacts of voice data and regulation in heavily compliant industries, and the future of voice data intelligence.


Five ways small business owners can get more from their calls

01 September 20

Everyone should be able to access their voice data. Even small business owners see great ROI when they start recording their calls.


The Telco Voice Data Race

12 August 20

The power source of AI is data, and telecommunications service providers have a great opportunity to offer businesses access to voice data.


How can businesses facilitate a perimeterless workplace?

23 April 20

Businesses are moving towards agile workforces that aren’t tied to a location or device and are looking to create perimeterless workplaces.


The benefits of UC

02 April 20

Unifying your business communications is more important than ever. Deploying a new solution may sound daunting, but the benefits outweigh any inconvenience.


The secret to success could be hiding in your phone calls

18 March 20

How often do businesses ask their customers what they want? If businesses were to turn to their customer calls, they might uncover the secrets to success.


Dubber Wellness Hub

17 March 20

While our team are so grateful to be healthy and still able to work, their new current challenges have become convincing the kids not to use up the household wifi downloads for TikTok and Tiger King and remembering they only dressed their upper half for Webex Calls!


Breaking down the barriers to new technology

18 February 20

The flexibility and accessibility of cloud solutions break down the obstacles that previously prevented small businesses from adopting new technology.

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