Security and compliance


Are you retaining voice data correctly?

25 August 20

Keeping compliant with data protection laws requires not only securing data, but also deleting the data when it's no longer needed.


Connecting during COVID

21 July 20

With COVID-19 increasing remote working, enterprises are asking how to capture conversations across the growing number of IP connections. What's the answer?


Cloud call recording for compliance

22 January 20

Compliance doesn’t need to be a chore. Advances in technology mean that keeping on top of compliance is easier than ever.


Call recording for the Dodd-Frank Act

12 November 19

Dodd-Frank introduced call recording regulations on almost every organisation within the financial services industry. Find out how the regulations apply.


A scalable platform for growing businesses

07 October 19

Our cloud storage sets us apart from other call recording service providers. As a native cloud solution, we offer a range of storage options.


Setting standards for security

17 June 19

We chose to build our products and services in the cloud, specifically to leverage the levels of security that are only made possible through the cloud.


What are the risks of storing calls on-premise?

05 June 19

Organisations who download their recorded calls to local storage are putting valuable data at risk of damage, theft, or tampering.


Why is security important in a digital age?

08 May 19

How much personal data did you share today? Within a digital society, where web browsers sometimes know more about us than our friends, security is more important than ever.


Infographic: GDPR Key Facts

29 April 19

The EU regulation GDPR requires organisations that process personal data from their customers to follow strict guidelines in order to protect the interests of consumers.

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