Dubber @ Cisco Impact 2022!

August 29th-31st

Cisco teams retire bookings and receive commissionable revenue credit when upgrading end customers to Dubber premium solutions available in CCW.

FREE private and compliant cloud recording on Cisco Webex Calling & UCM Cloud!

Record any conversation - voice, video, and chat - turning that conversational data into actionable insights with Dubber today!

Dubber is:

  • The only complaint conversational recording & AI solution native on Webex!

  • The mobile compliant call recording solution for Webex Go!

Every Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Instance customer is entitled to a FREE version of Dubber that can be deployed in minutes via Control Hub.

And…the time is NOW to upsell customers to the paid subscriptions, so they reap the insights from the intelligence inside their conversational data!

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Six Benefits of Unified Call Recording and Voice AI
Unlock Intelligence from Every Conversation with AI
How to Comply with Certainty

Demo @ Cisco Impact

A Dubber demo is the first step to unlocking the power in your voice data.

Receive a demo at Cisco Impact with a member of our solutions architect team.
Compliance Call Recording, conversational AI, including beautiful speech-to-text, tone, and sentiment analysis.

Uncover the ability to reveal critical data insights across your entire organization in a simple but powerful product tailored to suit your specific requirements.

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Conversational Intelligence delivered

Compliance Intelligence

Be certain conversations are captured and stored compliantly. Compliantly record and store - satisfy privacy, GDPR and PCI compliance. Respond to information requests easily, quickly and accurately. Real-time compliance insights, alerts and workflows. Evidence you know your customer (KYC).

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Revenue Intelligence

Improve sales performance and order accuracy with transcriptions and replay. Connect and enrich to CRM - instantly create hours of sales productivity per rep each week.

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Customer Intelligence

Gain real-time insights into customer satisfaction and sentiment - improve customer experience, reduce churn.  Eliminate costly third-party research. Reduce revenue leakage with immutable proof of orders or advice given - accelerate dispute resolution and remediation.

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People Intelligence

Employee sentiment from any and every conversation in real-time. Share knowledge and content easily—boost productivity with real-time transcriptions. Improve coaching and training.

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About Dubber

Leading service providers differentiate and grow with Dubber. We enable Unified Conversational Recording and Voice AI at the heart of the world’s leading networks and UC solutions.

Designed specifically for Service Provider networks and integrated seamlessly with your critical infrastructure, including Cisco Broadsoft, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Operator Connect, mobile and more.