Call recording compliance checklist

Is a remote-workforce compromising your compliance?

Discover how you can record calls, monitor breaches and store conversations in the cloud - all while being compliant. Download the Dubber call recording compliance checklist now.

In a world of Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls, it’s essential to stay on top of call recording compliance. Legacy, location specific call recording systems are in the past. The world has adapted to a new way of working, but the compliance rules and regulations remain the same.

Download our call recording compliance checklist to:

  • Learn what unified call recording is and why it’s essential

  • Meet regulations like AML/CTF, RG271, Hayne Royal Commission bills, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, KYC, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and more

  • See how Dubber AI can proactively mitigate fraud and compliance risks

  • Learn how to achieve continuous compliance - whether your employees are texting, calling or messaging

  • Understand how storing your call recordings in the cloud can make accessing recordings easier and prepares you for legal hold requests

Download our step-by-step guide to compliant recording without hardware, storage or hassles

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