Compliant Calls and Conversations for Microsoft Teams

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

16 September 2021

Compliant Calls and Conversations for Microsoft Teams

How to ensure compliance on Microsoft Teams

Solving compliance on Microsoft Teams

Businesses need to record their Microsoft Teams calls for various compliance reasons: including limiting liability, resolving disputes, and providing evidence of advice given, transactions, and trades. 

Using Teams, shouldn't mean compromising the compliance standards you set out to achieve or investing in more capital expenditure. The need for a unified and cost-effective approach to communication capture has never been more urgent.

What you’ll find inside

This guide will show how to create a secure, compliant and scalable system of record for every conversation – across Microsoft Teams and other communication channels in your business.


  • Why compliance call recording is essential for Microsoft Team

  • Why on-premise and hosted recording solutions aren’t viable post-COVID

  • The 15 most important factors in choosing the right call recording solution for your needs

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