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Akixi Integrates Dubber’s Cloud Call Recording

Author: Dubber Marketing Team
Published on November 5, 2016

Here at Dubber we are very excited to have formed a partnership with Akixi, the leading cloud call reporting management platform for PBX and VoIP providers. Akixi are recognised globally by both enterprise and telco service providers. The Akixi and Dubber platforms have been seamlessly integrated to deploy an innovative package of native cloud call recording and intelligent call analytics that has the potential to realise limitless use cases. For the first time, this revolutionary package is now available to service providers.

Dubber’s call recording has been evolved to a cloud based platform, freeing the solution of any hardware requirements and associated hardware restraints. The call recording solution has revolutionised the industry and opened up a myriad of applications and benefits for users. Among these benefits are unlimited scalability, rapid deployment, high security and no upfront costs.

Akixi are globally recognised as a leading provider of cloud based call management and analytics; their services help businesses to improve their sales performance and deliver outstanding customer service. Akixi has expanded the possibilities of call analytics exponentially, offering over 200 sets of statistical options. Their business management and call analytics solutions are available through 3 separate products – Akixi Lite, a call logging and reporting service, Akixi 1000, a call analytics solution, and Akixi 2000, a comprehensive call management tool. Like Dubber, their solutions offer unlimited scalability, no hardware limitations and rapid deployment.

Through the partnership, a cloud based solution that offers both call recording and an intelligent call analytics service in one innovative package is available for rapid deployment. The Dubber – Akixi integration is a fully comprehensive Unified Communications solution that enables customers to interact with their calls like never before.

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