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To sell more – do this now

Author: Dubber Marketing Team
Published on November 17, 2020

End the productivity and visibility trap

Unified Call Recording can capture customer calls and automatically log them within a CRM such as Salesforce. But to earn some serious points with your sales team, give them the gift of voice AI. This can act as a personal assistant to your sales reps: transcribing their calls so they never have to take notes ever again. 

Recordings and transcripts can be used to inform lead prioritisation, the coaching of team members, and much more.

According to research by Salesforce, 67% of sales people say that enforcement of activity logging is stricter than in 2019, and 63% of reps log more details about customer interactions than they did in 2019. The reality is most sales leaders bemoan the fact that Salesforce isn’t up to date or current. What if you could automate this logging for your sales team and get them back to selling?

For most sales teams this can equate to another day of selling every week. Another day!

End not knowing

Ever wondered what was said? How the customer was really reacting?

Rather than hearsay, how about letting AI tell you.

With sentiment analysis, positive and negative conversations can be identified to coach new and existing team members, create alerts for negative calls, and track campaigns, competitors, or trends in customer enquiries.

Sales teams need to understand the needs of their customers and build trust through listening. But are they being supported by business tools, or being let down by them?

“Sales leaders today are plagued by not knowing and no one likes surprises – particularly at the end of the month or quarter. Customer experience is equally impacted as salespeople transfer what was heard into manual notes and back into CRM platforms. Unified Call Recording accelerates sales momentum – giving back valuable selling time to reps and, critically, ending not knowing. Implementing Unified Call Recording should be a priority for every sales leader.”

Russell Evans, CRO, Dubber

Bring it all together

Unified Call Recording enables it all to come together. Every conversation captured from any end-point. No salesperson works on any one device or platform. We jump between Webex, Teams, mobile, and more. So record and capture every conversation and, with them all in one place, seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and your preferred data visualisation dashboard for real-time record keeping and insights. Set alerts on keywords and more.

It’s time to end not knowing.


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