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Dubber's RESTful Call Recording API

White paper

Dubber's RESTful Call Recording API White Paper

The limitless potential of Dubber's open API

In this white paper we tell you what an API is and how this creates endless development possibilities. APIs allow different technologies to work together. This is how Dubber is able to integrate with other telephony partners and technology providers to offer services never before available to users.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the way that advances in technology are allowing different devices and appliances to talk to, and work with, each other. This connectivity allows you to play music on your phone through speakers in your car, or to change the thermostat in your house while you’re on your way home so it’s nice and warm for your return.

APIs allow developers to use data that is created and stored by applications and devices and use it. This opens up a wealth of opportunities to make life that little bit easier. APIs allow companies to share data and services in an easy to consume format: enabling them to expand their reach, make partnerships easier, and create new revenue channels.

API Productisation

Treating an API as a product means that it is constantly improved upon, just like any other product. At Dubber, we are constantly developing our API. It has its own roadmap of planned work and strategy to make sure it is optimised for our business and our customers. Using cloud technology, we can offer a call recording platform with unlimited scale and unlimited storage. We also offer a way for users to interact with the data held within their calls. With so much valuable information transferred during voice calls, the potential for this data is vast. Businesses can learn more about their customers and improve their products and strategies accordingly, while individuals can benefit from important details at their fingertips.

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