Call Recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Dubber App

Recording and Playback

Dubber App

Keep every one of your recordings in the palm of your hand with our app. Play and manage your calls at any time, from anywhere. Now with the added Dubber AI technology and new tool Meeting Recorder.

All you need to do is make a phone call. If you have an account with us, all your recordings will be available from the app as soon as you download it and log in. All calls are stored in the cloud for instant access without taking up memory space. Access, play, manage, share, and delete your recordings: wherever you are in the world, sync changes across multiple devices, and collaborate with colleagues while out of the office.

In the app, you can view all of your recorded calls. Our easy searching means you can find calls using a range of criteria from date and time to call recipient. You are able to listen to all of your recorded calls from the app. Skip forward to that important detail or, if you have Dubber AI, click on the transcript to play an exact moment in a conversation. Users can access all Dubber AI capabilities from the app. View the full voice-to-text transcription of calls as well as a detailed sentiment rating and tone analysis. 

Our app allows you to easily tag your recordings to organise them clearly and easily. Add tags to your calls within the app to quickly categorise them for easy retrieval and management. Sorting your important calls is easy with our starring system. For a quick way to separate special calls from the rest of your archive, you can star them to find them quickly and easily. Download the app on Apple or Android to try it out.

Features overview

To view Dubber's entire call recording feature suite, visit our Feature Page.

Custom Integrations

Through custom integrations learn how Dubber encourages businesses and value-adding partners to get creative with tailored software packages.


Providing maximum functionality with sophisticated security systems, leveraging cutting edge cloud technologies.


The Dubber API enables simple and seamless integration and our Developer Portal provides plenty of useful documentation to get the most from the platform.

Call recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Dubber App

Dubber App

With the latest version of the Dubber mobile app, you can play back your calls and meetings: anytime, anywhere, from any phone.

Call recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Highest quality

Highest quality

Dubber is integrated at a network level with service providers meaning calls are recorded at the highest possible quality.

Call recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Scalability


Dubber’s cloud-based multi-region design offers scalability not available with traditional call recording solutions.

Call recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Accessibility


Dubber’s focus is on unlocking the insights possible from call recording for all levels of businesses.

Call Recording Reporting and Analytics Feature: Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts

Custom alerts notify users of recordings that have been analysed to have an overall negative sentiment.

Call Recording Reporting and Analytics Feature: Emotional insight

Emotional insight

Dubber AI provides emotional insight into conversations that sentiment is unable to detect.

Call Recording Reporting and Analytics Feature: Searchability


To locate recordings or to identify trends, recordings can be found by using a suite of search methods.

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