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Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our product - if you have any other questions, please be sure to contact us and chat with our team.

What regions or locations are available to have recording stored in?

Dubber is Global, we have recording hubs, in Europe (Frankfurt, UK, Ireland), US (East and West regions), Canada, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

What licensing options are available?

Dubber license on recording lines within the platform, not the users.  Licensing options to suite your requirements are available, with options such as all you can consume, unlimited storage and retention times, down to 30 day recording, and on-demand recording, only save the calls you select.

Who do I contact if I would like to know more about Dubber product options?

If you are new to Dubber the quickest way is via the contact form on the website: Alternatively you can contact us direct on the following numbers: Sales International Phone: +61 3 8658 6111 Sales Australian Phone: 1800 DUBBER

My service provider isn’t available, how do I sign up to Dubber?

Dubber operates through service providers to record calls directly from the network, your service provider needs to be enabled through Dubber for this to occur.

Dubber’s cloud platform alleviates the restrictions of legacy call recording solutions, with no hardware requirements, meaning a service provider can switch on call recording immediately.

Networks are signing up to Dubber all the time, and yours might be next! Sign up using this form to be notified when your network is connected so you can start recording your calls

What security does Dubber offer?

As as native cloud platform, Dubber has been designed to provide maximum functionality with sophisticated security systems, leveraging cutting edge cloud technologies. Our security practices are developing all the time to ensure that data is protected at every stage of the communication capture process and beyond to storage and analysis.

How do I implement Dubber’s services?

Dubber’s call recording operates as a true Software as a Service product, and is deployed through service providers. Dubber works closely with telephony, service and communications providers worldwide to deploy a call recording product that functions with the same high quality standard anywhere in the world.

Our cloud-based recording platform has been designed to integrate especially with the highly scalable architecture of Service Providers. Essentially, our recording solution has been designed as a standard SIPREC interface, providing a link between any service provider’s environment and our recording platform. This enables any company that already utilizes the SIPREC interface to deploy the Dubber cloud-based call recording solution.

For more information get in touch today by submitting a form on our Contact Us page for the fastest and most effective response.

Does Dubber provide local support?

Dubber has a global reach, with offices all around the world and headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and London, United Kingdom. Dubber support is provided for our users largely through our two office headquarters. Dubber’s support team of industry experts can provide support services to customers located anywhere in the world, and pride ourselves on being highly reactive.

If you would like to contact us for assistance or inquiries, please check our Dubber Support page for answers to commonly asked questions, or fill in our Contact form for the fastest and quickest response from our industry experts if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

Do you inform us of maintenance and upgrade to the platform?

Dubber provide a minimum of 20 business days notice for maintenance and upgrade plans.  These notifications are sent via email and include full release notes of the up and coming release, and also information on any downtime on the system, if required due to the upgrade type.

How can I get an update to my support ticket?

Support ticket updates will be via email notification, however if you have created a login to the support portal, at ‘’ you can check up on your ticket at any time. We also offer support options ranging from standard support with access to the support desk in business hours, all the way to 24/ 7 support desk access.

Do you provide access to white papers and use cases?

We provide an array of use cases, white papers and training documentation via our collateral hub once you are a live Dubber customer, all of which is available to be white labeled.

How do I contact Dubber’s support?

If you are experiencing problems with any aspects of Dubber’s technical platform, you can find the solution to most common problems and errors on our Support page.

If, after browsing the Support page, you are still having a technical problem or can’t find an answer to the question you are looking for, you can contact us for help instead, and one of our industry experts will be in touch with you shortly.

Get in touch by submitting a form on our Contact Us page for the fastest and most effective response.

Where can I get access to Dubber’s API?

In order to access the Dubber API you will need a developer account. Creating a developer account is free. Visit

Does Dubber provide a development sandbox?

There is a full sandbox environment for development and testing. For more information visit our developer site,

Can Dubber integrate with my own app and existing business tools?

Yes, Dubber’s Open API was designed to allow developers to integrate their application with Dubber’s range of services.

How much does voice AI cost per month?

The cost of voice AI is dependant on the Dubber product(s) you have. To find out more please contact us.

Can I integrate my voice data and automated workflows with my CRM?

Yes. All of your voice data and insights can be securely synced to your CRM and other business tools via our API.

What is Dubber AI?

Dubber allows each recording to be programmatically transcribed using the most appropriate model for your spoken language and industry, then subjected to rigorous inspection by AI engines to understand the tone of conversation as it progressed, and which emotions were shown by the callers.

What does call recording cost?

Dubber offers a range of call recording products suited to individuals and teams of all sizes that are available on a cost-effective monthly subscription basis. To find out more please contact us.

Are my recordings safe with Dubber?

Dubber provides the highest level of security, ensuring that your data is protected at every stage, from communication capture to storage and analysis. To learn more, please visit our security page.

Can I search through my recordings?

Based on the level of access a specific user has, they are able to browse and search through a full history of recorded calls.

Can I manage my call recordings from anywhere?

Depending on your access permissions, you can access your recordings and voice data from multiple devices via the Dubber dashboard and mobile app.

Can I record mobile phone calls?

The Dubber solution records calls directly from the network, across both fixed lines and mobile devices.

What is call recording?

Call recording is the process of safely recording telephone calls and storing them for future access.

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