Unlock the power of Conversational Intelligence

Catch any conversation - voice, video, chat - on virtually any service and turn it into accessible and actionable insights. Comply with certainty. Drive customer, compliance, revenue and people intelligence.


Catch conversations compliantly at scale


Built for Enterprise

Dispersed teams working on Unified Communication applications have accelerated compliance demands for visibility and insights from remote conversations. Unfortunately, the cost of legacy call recording and limitations of siloed data can’t keep up. Dubber Unified Conversational Recording and Voice Intelligence Cloud answers this need at scale.

The leading solution for Enterprises worldwide
  • #1 Unified Call Recording Solution & Voice Intelligence Cloud

  • 1,000s of Enterprises using Dubber worldwide

  • 100,000s of active recording endpoints

  • Billions of minutes captured

With Dubber, we have total visibility of all our traders’ conversations, especially now they’re working from home. The automated surveillance means we can immediately identify compliance breaches, reduce risk, and save time and money.

Chief Risk Officer at one of Switzerland’s largest private banks

You’ll do more with Dubber

Unlock the power of conversational data at scale from every end-point. The applications of Dubber are virtually limitless.


Capture more for less
Capture more for less

Eliminate legacy call centre software and recording costs with Dubber. Shift to the cloud and do more by capturing more conversations from more sources.

icon | Use conversational data at scale
Use conversational data at scale.

Unify and enrich conversational data. Connect data and insights to big data and the applications you depend on - Salesforce, IBM Cognos, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and more.

icon | Satisfy information requests easily, quickly and accurately
Satisfy information requests easily, quickly and accurately

Dubber Elastic Search, keyword alerts, rich transcriptions, and more make it easy to surface conversational content and connect to workflows.

icon | Compliance at every level
Compliance at every level

Compliantly record and transcribe every customer conversation to meet compliance mandates and quickly respond instantly to audits and investigations. Learn more.

icon | Enterprise-grade controls
Enterprise-grade controls

GDPR compliant storage, enterprise-grade security and access controls; simplified team management and enforceable recording.

icon | Cloud scale & accessibility
Cloud scale & accessibility

Scale without the cost and complexity. Access instantly via the Dubber App and Portal.

Inside more of the world’s leading service providers and solutions

Billions of minutes captured from conversations across 150 services providers and solutions. 


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Conversational Intelligence delivered


Compliance Intelligence

Be certain conversations are captured and stored compliantly. Compliantly record and store - satisfy privacy, GDPR and PCI compliance. Respond to information requests easily, quickly and accurately. Real-time compliance insights, alerts and workflows. Evidence you know your customer (KYC).

Revenue Intelligence

Improve sales performance and order accuracy with transcriptions and replay. Connect to and enrich CRM - instantly create hours of sales productivity per rep each week.

Customer Intelligence

Gain real-time insights into customer satisfaction and sentiment - improve customer experience, reduce churn. Eliminate costly third-party research. Reduce revenue leakage with immutable proof of orders or advice given - accelerate dispute resolution and remediation.

People Intelligence

Employee sentiment from any and every conversation in real-time. Share knowledge and content easily—boost productivity with real-time transcriptions. Improve coaching and training.

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75% of conversations will be recorded by 2025

… and these capabilities will enable "the discovery of added organisational value or risk …


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