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Less than 10% of crucial conversations are typically captured and stored compliantly and efficiently. Conversational data sets are lost in legacy applications and data silos. Responding to information requests quickly and accurately takes too long. Dubber ends not knowing and modernises compliant conversational capture for leading Financial Services organisations globally.


Discover how a leading Swiss private bank answered their compliance challenges in weeks

"We now have total visibility of all traders’ conversations, even when they’re working from home. The automated surveillance means we can immediately identify compliance breaches, reduce risk, and save time and money."

Chief Risk Officer, One of the largest private banks in Switzerland


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You’ll do more with Dubber

Unlock the power of conversational data at scale from every end-point. The applications of Dubber are virtually limitless.


Youll do more with dubber | Reduce costs
Reduce costs

Move on from legacy call centre software and recording costs - switch to the cloud. Capture and manage all conversations and access more sources from a single window.  

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Comply with certainty

How you record is as important as what you record. Compliantly record and transcribe every customer conversation to meet compliance mandates and respond instantly to audits and investigations. AI does the work to quickly surface risks and suspicious behaviours. Evidence you know your customer (KYC).  Learn more on Dubber for Compliance.

Youll do more with dubber | Accelerate discovery
Accelerate discovery

Respond to audit, legal and regulatory requests quickly, easily and accurately. Search across unlimited parameters to retrieve conversations. Find metadata across communication platforms (including audio and displayed text in video) for specific risks.

Youll do more with dubber | Instant risk alerting
Instant risk alerting

Alerts, search and sentiment analytics based on AI-enriched keyword analysis detects misconduct, regulatory, corporate compliance, and conduct risks at scale across all voice content.

Youll do more with dubber | Boost customer engagement & satisfaction
Boost customer engagement & satisfaction

Gain real-time insights into customer satisfaction and sentiment to improve the customer experience and enable fast responses to reduce churn and retain clients. Eliminate costly third-party research.

Youll do more with dubber | Reduce revenue leakage. Resolve disputes.
Reduce revenue leakage. Resolve disputes.

Records of every client conversation for proof of orders or advice, get alerted when clients complain - instantly accessible for quick dispute resolution and remediation.

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Boost productivity

Give time back to your sales team by eliminating inaccurate and time-wasting manual note-taking. Instead, transcribe every call and meeting and automatically attach them to Salesforce records.

Youll do more with dubber | Drive marketing & revenue outcomes
Drive marketing & revenue outcomes

Leverage insights gained from conversations about your customers, product, and transaction data to attract new customers within existing markets, and establish new market propositions. 

Youll do more with dubber | Monitor advice provided | icon | available from | icon
Monitor advice provided

Use recordings of staff conversations to ensure advice provided to clients meets compliance requirements. 

Youll do more with dubber | Coaching and training
Coaching and training

Know what advisors, bankers and brokers are saying to customers and get the insights you need to motivate, retain and drive employee performance through coaching and training based on actual conversations and transcripts. Discover where revenue opportunities are being missed.

Youll do more with dubber | Connect to the hybrid workplace
Built for the hybrid workplace

Record all calls regardless of where employees are working - record straight from the network or application (such as mobile. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex) and integrate voice data with other data sets or dashboards.

Youll do more with dubber | Manage and protect data with ease
Manage and protect data with ease

Unlimited and scaleable storage with legal hold and discovery. SEC 17A-4 archiving requires long-term retention and legal-hold for audio, video, collaboration chat, and more. Detect when private or sensitive information is shared within collaboration chat or video conferencing sessions. 17a-4, WORM compliant archive purpose-built for UCaaS platforms.

75% of conversations will be recorded by 2025

… and these capabilities will enable "the discovery of added organisational value or risk …


What are your compliance requirements?

Regulators - from ASIC to FINRA, FCA, CFTC, and the SEC have detailed requirements for capturing, retaining, and effectively supervising business communications. Requirements that extend beyond traditional email and text-based communications to include audio, video, and collaboration data. Applying compliance, security, and supervision controls on these rapidly expanding business communication channels are a must-have for any financial institution.


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Financial services firms were subject to over $150 million in communication monitoring fines in 2019.
  • GDPR, PCI, DSS: Securely record and store conversations & redact sensitive data

  • IDR RG 271: Identify dissatisfied customers.  Alerts & workflows to respond quickly

  • AML/CTF ACT: Deep customer insights for KYC. Detect suspicious activity, respond & report

  • Best Interests Duty RG 273: Mortgage brokers can capture every customer conversation for proof of advice given

  • Anti Hawking: Records of every conversation. Monitor potential breaches of staff cross-selling insurance products. 

  • SEC Rule 17a-4: Retain copies of all business communications sent and received in a non-rewritable, non-erasable format

  • FCA/MiFID II: Record telephone conversations and keep copies of electronic communications for 5 years, with the obligation to periodically monitor these records

  • FINRA Rule 3110: Supervise electronic communications related to the firm’s investment banking and securities business

  • FINRA Rule 4511: Store relevant records in a non-rewritable, non-erasable format

Similar mandates from regulators such as CFTC, IIROC, ASIC, and MAS, require the retention, storage, and supervision of electronic communications, including audio recordings.

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Spotlight on New Regulations

Address “Best Interest Obligations with Dubber”

Immutable proof of every client conversation to meet Best Interest obligations. Recordings of every conversation whether on mobile, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and more.

Internal Dispute Resolution processes

Meet your RG 271 obligations by using low-cost Voice AI to easily monitor the tone and sentiment of every client conversation and automatically integrate them into IDR workflows.

Let Dubber AI and NLP do the work

Dubber AI comes ready to run with the ability to develop AI training specific to your institution.
  • Industry-leading transcription with auto-language detection

  • AI-enriched sentiment, tone and emotion signals

  • Automate data loss and misuse monitoring - deep learning and ML-based policies that analyse the detection of leakage risks- ideal for customising company-specific policies

  • AI-powered alerts on risks move you beyond random sampling and transcript searches

  • Workflow automation for generating potential best action and processes based on conversational data

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