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Voice recording helps Australian Refrigeration Council understand & improve customer relationships

The Australian Refrigeration Council turned to Dubber for better staff training, to monitor the quality of contact centre calls and collect the evidence it needs to deal with abusive calls.

Team Dubber

17 October 2021

How Well Equipped Are Enterprises Today To Harness Conversational Data Sets?

We’ve come a long way from just analysing revenue and spend. There’s now the opportunity - and business imperative - to look at all business data. And what greater goldmine of information than the conversations within your business, with your partners, with your customers, and with the public?

Steve Willson

14 October 2021

6 Ways to Improve Sales with Voice Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in sales has been increasing in popularity as it facilitates customer service or sales professionals to concentrate on more important work, as machines do the ‘busy work’.

Team Dubber

14 October 2021

Roadmap 2025: 3 Key Strategic Rollout Goals for Conversational Intelligence in Business

“By 2025, 75% of conversations at work will be recorded and analyzed, enabling the discovery of added organizational value or risk.”

Team Dubber

14 October 2021

Meet Our New CTO: Steve Willson

There’s a new Chief Technology Officer at Dubber! Introducing Steve Willson. Fresh from his time as CTO of Great Southern Bank, Australia’s largest customer-owned bank, Steve Willson has joined Dubber to guide our industry-leading technology and key technical relationships.

Team Dubber

4 October 2021

Answering the AML & KYC Challenge with Conversational AI

New ways of communicating and ever-increasing digital transactions generate even greater data sets making surveillance and compliance monitoring a must for leaders.

Team Dubber

29 September 2021

World Heart Day @ Dubber

September 29 is World Heart Day, a day dedicated to raising international awareness around the cause and prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), a cause close to Dubber. 

Team Dubber

27 September 2021

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