Better CRM integration

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Better CRM integration

Better CRM integration

While capturing online interactions may seem simple enough, why not further enrich that data by automatically including phone, text and video interactions?

The Scenario

John uses call recording to record their contact centre and back-office calls. His team uses a CRM application during phone calls so that data can be entered concerning the account. With the recordings located on one server and in an archive, and the CRM application running on a different server, he needs a way to be able to associate the two, where the entire customer interaction is available from a single application.

  • Searching for the recordings is cumbersome and time consuming for his team

  • A sales rep might have to fill in for another with respect to previous conversations

  • His team spend too long in wrap up time moving from one application to another instead of being available for calls

  • Not capturing complete details, meaning they aren’t fully compliant, efficient, or able to evolve with the latest technology

  • Sales don’t log all calls due to lack of time, which limits the view on how they engaged prospects and customers


The Outcome

Dubber’s API-focused architecture and next-level transcription solutions power integrations with Salesforce and other applications. Automatically associate calls made to and received from customers against their unique CRM records, helping you make the most of the connections you make with customers. With Dubber integrations, John can improve customer service levels and increase his team’s available time through:

  • Reducing manual work for his agents

  • Coach or revisiting prospective clients caught in a long sales-cycle

  • Give his team an at-a-glance insight into all calls received and made to each customer from all parts of the organization

  • Push the information automatically into a lead, contact or account within the application using recordings and transcriptions and the associated rich metadata

  • Log, record and store calls for quality assurance and compliance, attached directly to each customer record

  • Give complete control over data collected, where to store it and what to do with it, using open API, providing complete freedom.


Dubber's API-focused architecture and next-level transcription solutions help power integrations with Salesforce and other applications, this allows businesses to make the most of their connections with customers.

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