Better Hospitality Outcomes

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Better Hospitality Outcomes

Better Hospitality Outcomes

Whether you’re a hotel network or a boutique B&B - customer service, communication and data should be your most important considerations. Knowing how guests feel throughout their stay can be crucial to enhancing their experience and managing online reputation.


The Scenario

Chris is a hotel manager, working for a leading hotel operator with multiple properties globally. During the peak season, Chris has extra staff managing the phone system for bookings and inquiries and staff at the front desk attending to guests to get them checked in and into their rooms quickly for a seamless guest experience.



Some of the challenges Chris and his team come across include:

  • Experience does not reflect conversations with hotel booking agents

  • No record of requests made during the stay

  • Guest disputes with credit card charges

  • No visibility to customer satisfaction data in real-time


The Outcome

Chris has a wealth of unique guest insights at his disposal to make innovative and informed decisions into guest intent and desire. With call recording and voice AI, Chris can:

  • Identify trends and common requests such as the location of amenities and provide clearer information upfront to the guest to reduce calls

  • Be alerted to guest sentiment, providing greater insight into guest calls

  • Refer to call recording or transcripts to confirm what guests are asking for that the property does not yet offer

  • Review guest calls for any specific requests that can be forwarded to the relevant department, to ensure everything is implemented to satisfy the guest


With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution available via a SaaS model, hotel management can identify the needs, aspirations, intentions, and perceptions required to develop critical services and products for guests. 


Cloud call recording can be deployed immediately to satisfy the phone-based record-keeping needs of operations, unexpected variables inherent with each unique call and, most importantly, guests, providing a full end-to-end customer service experience from the initial call through to guest departure.

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