Better Insurance Outcomes

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Better Insurance Outcomes

Better Insurance Outcomes

Insurance companies have to comply with some of the more stringent regulations. As they rely on continually communicating with their customers, assessors and external contractors there is an increasing need to capture, monitor and manage the risk associated with such interactions.


The Scenario

Karen is the operations manager for a leading insurance company providing general cover in the areas of property, motor, travel, health and life insurance. Karen has a team of insurance sales and service agents who are on the phones talking to new and existing customers regarding their policies, providing quotes and handling claims.


The Challenge

The service team often answer questions about coverage, calculating changes to existing policies and discussing premiums, offering the policy best suited for each customer and performing admin tasks. As a large number of these tasks and transactions take place through phone calls every day, it does come with some risks, which include:

  • Audits to ensure advice given to customers are compliant

  • Disputes regarding insurance coverage and premium

  • Insurance claims were not documented accurately as detailed notes were not taken

  • Customers calling to make changes to their policy/coverage, if not once but multiple times


The Outcome

When such issues arise, evidence is often needed in the form of call recording and conversation to protect the company and agents against many risk factors. With Unified Conversation Recording and true AI in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud, Karen can:

  • Record calls, chat and video for regulatory compliance, transaction verification and maintaining organizational records

  • Refer to a recording or transcript to resolve disputes

  • Record calls to prevent claimants or witnesses from adding on additional information altering the details of claims

  • Use calls with positive sentiment to train staff to improve overall customer experience

With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution available via a SaaS model, insurance providers can reduce risk, monitor processes and eliminate errors in details and communication. 


Cloud call recording can be deployed immediately to satisfy the phone-based record-keeping needs of operations and, most importantly, customers. Additionally, voice AI can transcribe calls, analyze content and be alerted to caller sentiment, providing greater insight into customer calls; enabling agents to plan for customer advice and adjust their insurance policy accordingly.

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