Better Legal Services Outcomes

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Better Legal Services Outcomes

Better Legal Services Outcomes

Legal professionals understand that record-keeping and security are of paramount importance. Working in a law firm means client meetings, calls and a lot of record-keeping and admin tasks. Unified Conversation Recording and true AI in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud can significantly reduce admin, giving legal professionals more time to work on cases and mitigate risk through secure call storage.


The Scenario

Simone owns an established legal practice in two states with a full team of lawyers, legal assistants, paralegals, and associates. They offer legal advice and support to a diverse range of clients including large companies, privately owned businesses, high wealth individuals and family groups.


The Challenge

Simone’s team are increasingly under pressure to document interactions in order to fulfil client demands and to reduce legal liability. Being a busy law firm, client interactions take place both in-person and over the phone. While legal assistants can take notes during in-person meetings, phone calls can present a challenge. Some of the difficulties Simone’s team face include:

  • Clients disputing billable hours

  • Documenting client discussions, in person or on the phone

  • Large volumes of administration tasks such as taking notes and maintaining timesheets / billable hours

  • Conflicting versions of critical conversations, particularly when dealing with multiple parties from the same client


The Solution

With Unified Conversation Recording and true AI in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud, Simone can:

  • Replay calls to pick up on any missed verbal cues and information and/or clarify details

  • Easily locate calls, see their duration and search case details via keyword to reduce admin time

  • Receive alerts when specific keywords are used during a conversation between the team and clients

  • Maintain a history of calls and their transcripts for verification and record-keeping, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, and resolving billing disputes


The Outcome

With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution available via a SaaS model, legal practices can reduce risk and time spent on admin, monitor processes and eliminate errors in communication. Cloud call recording can be deployed immediately to satisfy the phone-based record-keeping needs of operations and, most importantly, clients. Additionally, voice AI can transcribe calls, analyze content and rate caller sentiment: providing greater insight into client calls.

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