Better Property Management Outcomes

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Better Property Management Outcomes

Better Property Management Outcomes

Property managers face a deluge of calls every day – and the majority of them are crucial conversations that need to be documented and acted on. 

These conversations contain critical information that could lead to more successful negotiations, landlord and tenant satisfaction, and improved customer service.

Leading property managers are rapidly adopting unified call recording to deliver vital insights, evidence of agreements made, and boost productivity. 

The Challenge

  • Hours spent typing up notes from conversations with tenants/landlords and attaching them to client records - written notes are subject to interpretation, mistakes, or missing information.

  • Lack of evidence for protection in the case of rental disputes or litigation

  • High staff turnover, so accurate notes are required for staff handovers. 

  • On-premise call recording is too costly and complex for many real estate and property management businesses.

  • Difficulty recording conversations happening in person, over mobile, on Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, or Zoom.

  • Lack of insights into customer satisfaction and quality of customer service provided


The Outcome

Drive vital operational efficiencies, resolve disputes, and gather critical customer insights with Dubber's unified call recording and voice AI solution:

  • Automate note-taking with accurate records and transcriptions of every conversation that are automatically uploaded into CRM systems.

  • Immutable proof of every conversation to resolve disputes quickly and evidence to meet legal obligations. 

  • Real-time customer sentiment insights and alerts when customers are unhappy.

  • Coach based on what was actually said - improve sales and negotiation techniques and customer service performance. 

  • Uncover key trends such as reasons for complaints and inbound calls, neighbourhood issues, tenancy satisfaction, and more

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