Better Real Estate Outcomes

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Better Real Estate Outcomes

Better Real Estate Outcomes

Real estate is an industry where timing and attention to detail can make or break an important deal. Real estate professionals are constantly moving between the office and properties, often working from many locations in a single day.


The Scenario

Mike is a real estate agent and owns a chain of real estate brokerages. The agency offers both sales and property management services with a sizable rent roll. Each day his team deals with new listings, sales management and tenant inquiries.


The Challenge

With a team of salespeople and property managers, admin volumes are high, and disputes can arise with tenants and landlords of rented properties. Some of Mike’s challenges include:

  • Ensuring sales agents are compliant with price quoting regulations

  • Disputes between tenants and property managers

  • Disputes between landlords and property managers

  • Maintaining tenant satisfaction


The Outcome

With Unified Conversation Recording and true AI in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud, Mike can:

  • Receive a transcription of all calls, providing documentation of each interaction with tenants, buyers and vendors

  • Be alerted when a tenant, vendor or buyer experience becomes negative, skip to that part of the call and remediate the situation

  • Refer to a call recording or transcript if there is a dispute with a tenant, landlord or vendor

  • Replay calls taken on the road to ensure they have captured all details correctly


With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution available via a SaaS model, Mike can alleviate risk in his business with automatic call recording and transcription. He can set up alerts for negative calls with vendors, tenants, buyers and suppliers using voice AI. Cloud call recording can be deployed immediately to satisfy the phone-based record-keeping needs of his organization and assist in maintaining a high level of service.


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