Better Recruiting Outcomes

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Better Recruiting Outcomes

Better Recruiting Outcomes

Recruitment consultants spend a lot of their time on the phone, often playing the volume game requiring speed and accuracy and at the heart of this challenge is also communication and data. Recruitment agencies are also increasingly under pressure to improve efficiency and productivity.


The Scenario

Bec is a senior recruitment consultant working for a global recruitment agency. Bec’s time is spent on the phone talking to new and potential candidates, out of the office in client meetings, interviewing potential candidates and managing multiple stakeholders at any given time.


The Challenge

Bec and her colleagues are often faced with the huge task of contacting and following up with candidates and clients meaning numerous calls, calendar invites, multiple excel sheets, scattered notes, and a large dose of frustration when:

  • Details of a call have been forgotten causing repeat calls

  • Manual call records with candidates are not kept up to date

  • CRM doesn’t integrate with their phone system, so there’s no single view of their clients and candidates

  • Candidates accuse recruiter of employment discrimination during the phone interview process


The Outcome

With Unified Conversation Recording and true AI in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud, Bec can:

  • Refer to a call recording or transcript if there is a dispute or details are missed/forgotten

  • Securely share and review recorded telephone interviews with a hiring manager

  • Trigger automated workflows into CRM reducing admin time for the team

  • Capture referee comments and/or enable interview panels to listen to referee comments


With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution available via a SaaS model, agencies or consultants can ensure they maintain an excellent reputation, and quality customer service — with a quick replay confirming details and saving time on follow-up calls. 


With voice AI, consultants can be alerted to client or candidate complaints — prompting them to review and follow up to maintain excellent relationships. Additionally, voice AI can transcribe calls, analyze content, and be alerted to caller sentiment, providing greater insight into candidate and client interactions.

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