Call centre intelligence unified and delivered

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Call centre intelligence unified and delivered

Call centre intelligence unified and delivered

We know the common challenges of deploying call recording to a contact centre, which is why we removed the barriers that come between businesses and the benefits of recording, replaying and revealing insights from their calls.


The Scenario

Charlie has a small business with only a few staff members who answer the phones. With no budget for CapEx spending, a sophisticated contact centre solution seems out of reach. Charlie would love to record customer calls to learn more about their needs and how to improve the business, but can’t afford to buy expensive on-premise equipment or employ any technical staff to manage the solution.

  • Charlie has no way to access the data held within customer calls

  • It’s difficult to predict how much storage the company might need, or how long they might want to store calls for

  • There’s currently no way to refer back to what a customer has said over the phone

  • Charlie worries the company won’t be able to meet minimum requirements for a call recording solution


The Outcome

Dubber suits every budget and every size of call centre. Our call recording services are native to networks and applications - meaning they turn on with a click. And, they scale alongside a growing business, with no worries about running out of space. Recordings are instantly available and our platform has elastic search capabilities, allowing you to search every single one of your calls, no matter how long ago they were recorded. Our products are all available on a subscription-per-user basis, with no minimum requirements.

  • Secure, scalable, reliable storage

  • Instant access to recorded calls

  • Teams can easily share important calls with the colleague best suited to assist

  • Calls can be tagged for organisation and easy categorisation

  • No minimum requirements


We're able to fight disputes now that we have the evidence to back us up. We can tell the client that they were told of the cost and consented.”

Lucy Chapman, Senior Manager, WellPet.

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When faced with broken agreements that were made over the phone and not on paper; we use Dubber to hold people accountable for their words.

Sierra Villarreal, Security and Compliance, DeSpir Logistics.

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