Dispute Resolution

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

31 August 2021

Dispute Resolution

Resolve Disputes. Reduce Revenue Leakage.

Ineffective dispute resolution is costing businesses billions of dollars every year. Unfortunately, legacy recording solutions can’t keep up. Unified Conversation Recording and true AI in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud delivers records of every conversation for proof of agreements. Instantly accessible for quick dispute resolution and remediation. 

The Challenge

  • Verbal agreements made that are later challenged by customers "I never agreed to that."

  • Businesses lack proof of the orders or advice provided and rely on the customer's word or on notes taken, which can be subjective or missing information.

  • Risks of issues escalating and damaging customer relationships.

  • High cost & complexity of on-premise call recording solutions combined with a lack of searchability - taking hours or days to find conversations.

The Outcome

Resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively with Dubber's unified call recording and voice AI solution:

  • Instant access to every customer conversation - recorded and transcribed.

  • Immutable proof of customer commitments and an exact record of what was said.

  • Quickly & easily searchable - recall the conversation you need in just seconds.

  • A low-cost solution with fast ROI

  • Prevent disputes from happening with improved order and customer request accuracy

  • Instantly alert on specific keywords - signalling disputes to managers in real-time

  • Reduce legal liability with immutable proof of customer care and response


We're able to fight disputes now that we have the evidence to back us up. We can tell the client that they were told of the cost and consented.

Lucy Chapman, Senior Manager, WellPet.

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When faced with broken agreements that were made over the phone and not on paper; we use Dubber to hold people accountable for their words.

Sierra Villarreal, Security and Compliance, DeSpir Logistics.

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