Understand your business like never before powered by conversational intelligence 

Simply and easily connect conversational insights to power your business analytics intelligence

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Instant business intelligence starts with catching conversations

All the value in your business conversations can now easily integrate with your IBM Cognos Analytics reporting, revealing and connecting conversational insights to business intelligence

See insights in every conversation:
  • Seamless and automated API data integration of large datasets

  • Real-time call reporting and analytics

  • Trending analysis on revenue, customer and people performance metrics

  • Track and identify keywords insights from transcriptions

  • Customer and people sentiment and tone insights

  • Easily visualise risky keywords and performance metric triggers in dashboard reporting


Record. Replay. Reveal.

Understand your business better with conversational  intelligence

Connect and automate valuable conversational recording insights to your analytics and reporting tools, empowering you, your team and business intelligence 

Dubber reveals more

Dubber provides meaningful conversational insight and actionable intelligence enabling businesses of all sizes to deliver:

  • Compliance Intelligence

  • Revenue Intelligence

  • Customer Intelligence

  • People Intelligence

See key metrics at a glance

Reveal instant insights into revenue, customer and people performance at a high level by only connecting the data you need to your dashboard snapshot

Powerful intelligence for dashboard analytics

Connect and automate conversational intelligence powered by AI. Understand your business analytics and performance enriched with powerful insights:

  • Get comprehensive overviews on key metrics enabling you to build customizable reporting and analytics

  • Set-up out-the-box automated dashboard reporting

  • Access and connect in-depth activity call metadata and transcription to reveal critical insights

Serious Sentiment and Tone analysis

Understand your customers, people and the nature of a conversation like never before with Dubber sentiment and tone insights:

  • Track customer and service agent sentiment over time

  • Set up automated trigger applied to keywords

  • Connect transcription to performance metric for better context 

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