Certified Salesforce Integration

Simply and easily see your conversations, metadata, and insights (sentiment, emotion and more) against each Salesforce customer record


  • Eliminate manual note-taking and hearsay

  • Improve accuracy of all Salesforce records

  • Increase integrity of Salesforce data

  • Resolve disputes and improve pipeline and order accuracy

  • Improve coaching and training


What you need to know

You’ll need an eligible Dubber plan with the Dubber Salesforce Connector - and a Salesforce account.
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Salesforce CRM
Voice, Video, Chat

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Salesforce Marketplace
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Revenue intelligence starts with catching conversations

When you can catch conversations from any source you’ll know what was said, when it was said, wherever it was said. And you’ll be able to do it for the cost of a couple of coffees per week, per employee.

See answers and insights in every conversation:
  • Is our messaging being used, and used correctly?

  • What did the customer actually say?

  • What was the sentiment of that presentation?

  • When did they say we’d get the order?

  • What did we agree to?

  • Is our marketing resonating?


Record. Replay. Reveal.

Built for your revenue team

Accelerate sales. Increase conversion rates. Improve customer experience. More repeat customers.

Sales Leaders

Convert more of their pipeline into closed revenue by improving the quality of sales conversations and gaining instant insights into what's working and what's not. Nothing beats being able to listen in.

Marketing Leaders

Gain instant insights into campaign performance and customer experience. AI-enriched analytics, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning analyse 100% of sales calls, 100% of the time. Know with absolute certainty exactly what messages and campaigns drive customer engagement and conversions in sales calls.


Dubber Revenue Intelligence enables managers to upskill sales and marketing teams with accurate recordings, transcriptions, and insights of all sales calls and demos.

Sales Enablement

Instantly generate compelling training and enablement content based on real-world interactions. Boost sales productivity and ramp new hires faster.

Sales Teams

Make every call better than the last with real-time reviews. Take back over five hours of time per week by eliminating manual note-taking and updating of CRM records.

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