Meeting recorder

An exclusive recording app with voice AI for smart transcription

Transform your meetings

The new Meeting Recorder tool, exclusively available in our mobile app, allows users to record meetings from their phone and store them securely in the cloud. Hit record during important meetings and talks and let the power of Dubber AI do the rest.

No more minute-taking: With no need to take notes, simply play back the meeting or view the transcript with Dubber AI.

Never run out of memory space: With cloud storage, you will never run out of space: even if a meeting overruns. Lose your device and your meetings will be safe in the cloud.

Search meetings easily: Easily search for a specific moment with keyword search, taking you right to that part of the meeting.

Record on any device: With all meetings stored in the cloud, you can record and access your meetings on any device.

Organise and collaborate: Tag your recordings for easy organisation and securely share directly from the app.

Integrate with your existing tools: With our open API you can integrate your recordings with your existing tools for added productivity.

Evaluate meetings with Sentiment ratings: Sentiment breaks every recording into sections and assigns them with a positive or negative rating when Dubber AI is enabled.

Not just meetings: Record interviews, talks, and any other voice conversations you might want to refer back to in the future.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Make it yours

Make it yours

Save your battery and keep recording with your screen off.

Automatically include the date and time in the filename to find your meetings at a glance.

Apply a default name for quick and easy recording.

Set notifications to remind team members that the meeting is being recorded.

Save your data allowance and only upload to the cloud on Wi-Fi.

Improve your meeting follow-ups

Voice-to-text transcription: Receive a full transcript of a recording with Dubber AI, which can be circulated as a follow-up to the meeting so everyone has a record of action points.

Ensure meeting policies are adhered to: Negative sentiment ratings can alert relevant parties if meetings have an overall negative sentiment.

Keyword search: With every meeting fully transcribed, you can search for meetings using a word spoken during the conversation.

Advanced controls: for managers Admin users can set user permissions for their teams and create their own alerts based on their team’s recordings.

Jump straight: to the relevant point Search for a word and click on it to play the meeting from that point. No need to spend time skipping through the recording.

How does it work?

Touch the red record button to begin recording.

Press the pause button to pause the recording or the stop button to stop the recording.

Your meeting is available to replay just like your calls.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: How does it work?

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