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Dubber on Microsoft Teams

The first compliant Unified Call Recording and Voice AI solution native to Microsoft Teams - and it’s in the Cloud so you can turn it on with a click.

Microsoft Teams Customer
Automatically record every conversation on Microsoft Teams.
Start recording straight away - it’s in the cloud so you can turn it on with a click. No hardware needed.
Eliminate the cost, complexity and risks of legacy call recording and unlock the benefits of voice data at scale.
Use rich voice data to meet compliance mandates, improve customer satisfaction, CX, and staff performance.

Automatically record every Microsoft Teams
conversation with Dubber

Dubber’s Unified Call Recording and AI solution is now available to automatically record every conversation on Microsoft Teams.

Eliminate the cost and complexity of legacy call recording – Dubber lives in the Cloud, so no on-premise hardware required.

Unlock the power of voice data with
Dubber on Microsoft Teams

Grow customer satisfaction & NPS

This is a big one! Use Dubber’s sentiment analysis and keyword identification features to understand your customers better. Dubber’s speech analytics can help you improve customer experiences leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Meet compliance mandates

When you work in any regulated industry, compliance is a big issue. We get it. Use Dubber call recording to store and access calls in the cloud. And when you add our data retention feature, your compliance worries will be a thing of the past.

Boost productivity & efficiency

Throw away your notebooks! Use Dubber to record your team meetings and let Dubber’s call transcription feature take your meeting minutes for you, or simply share the recording with your team.

Know your business better

If you love a graph as much as we do, then you’ll appreciate our API integration tool, which allows you to connect to data visualisation tools such as Tableau and Google Data Studio. Instantly view all your customer data and identify trends across the business.

Optimise call centres, inside sales and more

Never wonder what your customer’s thinking again. While Dubber can’t read minds, our sentiment analysis feature comes close. It characterises your customer calls into positive, negative, or even neutral calls making it a great training aid that will help you coach employees on how to handle difficult calls.

Put Dubber & Microsoft Teams to work in your business

From customer experience to compliance and more, Dubber creates powerful insights, reporting and alerts from every conversation


100% visibility

Unified Call Recording captures conversations from any eligible Microsoft Teams device across mobile, desktop, web, call centre, and more. All with enterprise-grade controls


Focus on the power of voice data

For the first time, every conversation can be converted to data and made available to export through APIs. Take advantage of Dubber’s rich reporting, or integrate with your dashboards


Simple or advanced

Whether it’s simply reviewing a call, diving into advanced sentiment and tone analysis for customer satisfaction, or compliance alerts – you’ve got the answer in Dubber


Satisfy compliance and other critical use cases

Dubber answers critical mandates for data and regulatory compliance. Set controls to capture all the calls you need, and retain data in line with policies


Eliminate CapEx & OpEx

Dubber’s cloud solution enables customers to eliminate the scale, cost and complexity constraints of legacy call recording


Fast to deploy

Dubber can be up and running in minutes and will scale from a small team to a large enterprise. There are no limits on storage and, unlike legacy call recording, you can access recordings in seconds


Plug & play

With open APIs and data exporting, Dubber plays well with Big Data and other enterprise systems like Salesforce, Tableau and more


Cloud flexibility

Add as many, or as few, users as you need. Scale simply and easily and avoid the storage limits and costs of legacy call recording solutions


Simple & Easy

Beautiful transcriptions, real-time alerting and automated workflows give you an edge


Global & local

Record anywhere, store regionally, and satisfy data and compliance mandates for voice data


Do more with AI

Most legacy call recording uses AI to transcribe and stops there. Dubber also uses AI to deliver insights, alerts, and more



Unified Call Recording has never been more accessible at $14.95 per month and Dubber AI at $29.95 per month. (Competitors are priced at 2-10x)

Get Dubber on Microsoft Teams Today

Start compliantly recording every conversation now

Starting at $14.95 per user per month

Dubber is provisioned directly on Microsoft Teams. No hardware.

Call recordings, insights, beautiful transcriptions, alerts and more – all delivered from the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud to your browser or the Dubber app.

It’s easy, secure and compliant.

Perfect for any business, of any size

Like Microsoft Teams, Dubber scales to any need with pricing designed for simple to advanced use cases.

Capture all conversations on Microsoft Teams today.

Sole traders

Get a productivity edge. Improve record keeping and access accurate records of crucial conversations.

Automatically record and review any call from any eligible device
Add beautiful transcriptions to your notes and CRM records
Share transcripts with clients
Access from mobile and desktop

Team leaders

Total visibility into any call. Instantly searchable by rep, caller, and content.

Improve coaching and team training and accelerate onboarding
Faster customer complaint remediation
Instant customer satisfaction reporting
Access from mobile and desktop


Enterprise-grade features made accessible and affordable for small to medium businesses

Automatically capture, review and share any call
Simple and easy compliance reporting and auditing
Instant customer satisfaction reporting
Access from mobile and desktop

Enterprise & government

Comply, protect, and harness the power of voice data. Reduce cost and complexity

Advanced enterprise controls for Microsoft Teams
Advanced compliance reporting, customer satisfaction, and auditing
APIs and data exporter easily connect voice data to apps, Big Data and more
Access from mobile and desktop

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