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Unified Call Recording and the Voice Intelligence Cloud is available on Microsoft Teams. Unlock the revenue and retention potential of every call and conversation!

A Competitive Edge

Unified Call Recording and the Voice Intelligence Cloud unlock the revenue and retention potential of every call and conversation in businesses and teams of any size!

Increase Retention

Generate new sources of value for customers, increasing retention and blocking competitive inroads.

Increase Recurring Revenue

Typical ARR will exceed $250,000 per customer over three years, and grows significantly in regulatory-intense industries.

Increase Cross Sell

Land call recording with one team and then cross-sell the benefits to other areas of the enterprise, multiplying value to customers and your ARPU.


Move from call recording as a transaction to becoming a trusted advisor bringing data, AI and automation to the table: demonstrating its productivity, efficiency and insight advantages.

Win Rewards

Access the Dubber Reseller Incentive Program with market development funds, incentives, rewards and more, all available when you sign up as a Dubber Reseller.


Become a reseller to earn more, sell more and win rewards!


Find out how to earn more with Dubber on
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Rewards for doing what you already do!

The Dubber Reseller Incentive Program is no cost and all rewards! Whether you’re a Reseller or Service Provider, our Reseller Incentive Program is designed for you to earn rewards just by going about your business. Literally.

Incentives for training, deal registration, demos and more

Strong commissions and accelerators for upsell

Dedicated account and deal support. Onsite and online training

Powerful reseller portal to help you sell 24x7

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Beautiful call transcriptions

Add Dubber AI, and your customers will get beautiful call transcriptions that provide faster access to call content and unlock AI-driven insights that reduce churn, improve customer experience and drive revenue.

Insights from rich voice data

Dubber’s sentiment analysis provides insights to businesses to assess customer loyalty, repeat customers, and improve customer service. These insights can be an accurate predictor of net promoter scores that can be used to help improve customer satisfaction, and understand churn likelihood and competitive landscape. And with Automated Alerts, recordings can be automatically redirected to a specialised team via workflow management tools or email when a call matches a specified sentiment or emotion.

API connections and integrations

Seamlessly integrate call data into data visualisation tools such as Tableau and Google Data Studio to enrich enterprise insights – and easily integrate call transcripts, recordings and insights into CRM tools such as Salesforce, to increase data accuracy and boost sales productivity.

Power regulatory compliance

Unified call recording and reporting on voice data is a critical requirement for meeting compliance mandates. Capture crucial conversations, while maintaining custody over voice data. The data retention periods feature ensures that call data is stored for the required time period

Unified call recording

Enable cloud recording, compliance and voice AI services on Microsoft Teams. Free your customers from high-cost, application, device, and storage-specific solutions. Advanced enterprise controls ensure voice data is protected, compliant and secure.

Cloud storage

Connected in the cloud. No extra on-premise equipment, applications or storage required. Businesses can be up and running in minutes, giving you a faster time to revenue. Scale users and storage infinitely.

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Become a reseller to earn more, sell more and win rewards!


Find out how to earn more with Dubber on
Microsoft Teams