Mondago Rolls Out Automated Pause & Resume With Dubber

Mondago post

At Dubber we’re excited to announce a new partnership with a leading, UK based Computer Telephony provider, Mondago. Mondago specialise in providing unified communication solutions with a strong emphasis on CRM integration to manufacturers and providers of telephone systems.

Through Dubber and Mondago’s new partnership, Mondago’s flagship Go Integrator product is now able to provide as simple, automated pause and resume of calls being recorded, using Dubber’s cloud based service. A simple change in browser URL or PC client window can be used to automatically send a pause and resume command to the call recorder avoiding the need for the user to manually undertake this action using the handset keyboard. This feature is particularly useful for agents taking credit card type details over the phone.

“As Dubber has passed BroadSoft’s rigorous interoperability tests, we were able to quickly update our popular Go Integrator product to include this additional functionality. This means additional value-add to our customers, with minimal effort.” Rob Cox – Commercial Director at Mondago

“We’re excited to be integrated with such an innovative product suite and adding value to a network of users through Mondago. This partnership demonstrates the extent which cloud telephony is evolving and growing as we know it.” James Slaney – Global Manager at Dubber

For more information about this partnership, or if you’d like to find out how you can benefit from these services, just drop us a note through this form.

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