Notes by Dubber

Supercharge revenue, retention & differentiation on your network with Notes by Dubber

The one application every mobile network needs today

Create immediate revenue, increase customer retention and differentiate with an embedded collaborative AI-enriched call, conversation and meeting assistant solution delivered as a service on your mobile and communications networks.

Ready to unlock a growing billion-dollar productivity market on your network?

Together with Notes by Dubber, you will answer the growing customer demand for call, conversation and meeting intelligence and productivity. Help your customers bridge the productivity gap and work smarter with Notes by Dubber, the next-generation SaaS application that captures conversations across mobile and Unified Communications platforms.

Enhance your service offering with elegantly generated real-time notes, conversation topics, summaries, and action items, plus provide a workbench for collaboration before, during and after meetings and calls. Easily deployed instantly to millions of devices powered by the scale of the Dubber platform.

Network native

no hardware or complex services required to deploy

Service provider-grade

Security, compliance, reliability and support



Billing and provisioning services for ease of deployment and enhanced customer service excellence


Eliminating the cost and complexity of additional cloud services, hardware and infrastructure


Dubber API for third-party applications infinitely scalable cloud-native delivered just as any service provider service is Unified with more services - mobile, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google and more

Deep support as a Dubber Foundation Partner

From implementation through marketing, sales and customer success

Global & multi-language

Enabling you to meet customer needs wherever they are

Dubber supercharges growth and innovation for global Service and Solution Providers.  

The world's first and only mobile network embedded call and meeting assistant built for Service Providers.


Convert every conversation & meeting into revenue



Notes by Dubber is designed for service and solution providers to create an immediate revenue opportunity that drives differentiation and retention. Meet the needs of their customers - from individuals and SMBs or the largest Enterprises and Government.

Notes plugs directly into your network as a service and empowers your people, systems and go-to-market channels to tap into immediate revenue, retention enhancements and differentiation.

Businesses and teams of all sizes trust Notes by Dubber to make their critical conversations intelligent:


Notes by Dubber for Service Providers | convert every meeting | right | cards | 1

Calendar synchronisation

Seamlessly integrations with your calendar and automagically joins your calls or meetings

Notes by Dubber for Service Providers | convert every meeting | right | cards | 2
Real-time AI-enriched transcriptions

Real-time transcription stream available in multiple languages, so you never miss a word and what was said

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Intelligent automated actions

Transforms any call, interaction and meeting into intelligent actions ready for next steps or distribution

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Smart search and topic summaries

Effortlessly review and search across actions items, topics and transcription in seconds

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Build task workflows

Turns tasks into meaningful automated workflows and take productivity to the next level

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Collaborative team workbench

Empowers team collaboration with pre, during and post-meeting workbench space for shared insights, notes and ideation

How it works


Revenue & retention acceleration

Augment your go to market offers and propositions powered by Notes by Dubber unlock instantaneous revenue, improved customer retention

Network and Service differentiation

Embedded at a network level and deployed as a service. Enabling rapid provisioning, seamlessly onboarding and billing integration.

Embeddable application

Every call, conversation or meeting is AI-enriched with Notes by Dubber including transcription, actions, task workflows, topic summaries and much more.
Customers solve real productivity and collaboration challenges and business outcomes.

Notes by Dubber for Service Providers | foundation

Notes for for Foundation Partners

Discover how to deploy Notes to every endpoint creating instant differentiation and an immediately addressable upgrade opportunity - all assisted and enabled by Dubber.



Ready to get more from your network?

Let's talk about how Notes by Dubber helps you create a new path to extract growth revenue, greater yield, improved retention and differentiation from your most valuable asset.