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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.

Pinch Labs, Inc (“Pinch Labs”) has created this privacy policy to let you know what information we collect when you access and use this Pinch Labs website and the meeting productivity services we provide via our intelligent meeting assistant (“Notiv™”), why we collect it, and how it is used. Our Privacy Policy is governed by our Terms of Service. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Service. Pinch Labs offers a suite of services (our “Services”) that enables meeting hosts to record, transcribe and store the output of a meeting, including the content, participants and any documentation associated with that meeting (the “Meeting Record”). All participants in the meeting should have access to the Meeting Record, and the organizer or host of the meeting (the “Host”) determines who gets invited to the meeting. Hosts may organize a meeting via the Pinch Labs Site, or record a meeting live while they’re in the room with other meeting participants via Pinch Labs’ mobile application (the “Mobile Application”). Our Terms of Service require all Hosts to use the Services in compliance with applicable law. By accessing and using this Site or Mobile Application and availing yourself to our Services, you consent to the data practices described in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. We may periodically make changes to this Privacy Policy. We will notify you about material changes in the way we treat personally identifiable information by sending an email message to the email address you most recently provided to us and/or by prominently posting a notice on our Site. It is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy frequently and remain informed about any changes, so we encourage you to visit this web page often. If you do not consent to this Privacy Policy, please do not access and use the Site and our Services.

To engage our Services as a Host, you generally need to be a registered Pinch Labs account holder (in contrast to the other participants in your meetings who do not have to be registered Pinch Labs account holders). We allow limited recording functionality via Mobile Application or via partnership integrations without registration where we obtain your email address our integration partner, but Hosts need to register in order to enjoy the full functionality. When you register for a Pinch Labs account, we will ask you to complete our new account registration page where we will collect the following personally identifiable information from you:
WE COLLECT: Your email, username, a password and phone number.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To validate your email. To create and support your Pinch Labs account and provide you with customer service. To communicate with you, for example informing you about your Pinch Labs account, security updates and Site and Mobile Application information. To identify you to the other participants in meetings that you Host. To enable other meeting participants to collaborate with you regarding the Meeting Content and benefit from our Services. To contact you about Pinch Labs features, products, services and other promotions that can enhance your use of the Services, in accordance with your communications preferences. To enforce compliance with our Terms.
WE COLLECT: At your election, your name, image and other personally identifiable information.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To populate your user profile.
WE COLLECT: Your credit card information, including your address, to be collected following any free trial period.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To process your payments. (Pinch Labs uses reliable third-party payment processors and retains only limited information about your payment transactions.)
WE COLLECT: The time and geographic area where you use your computing devices when you interact with the Services.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To localize your interaction with the Services and improve our understanding of how you and other users interact with the Services.To help you verify use of your Pinch Labs account.
WE COLLECT: At your election, your location and calendar information.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To coordinate participation in your meetings by you (as Host) and the individuals you invite to your meetings (as meeting participants). To enhance and supplement your meeting information with location and calendar information. To make suggestions regarding how you might improve your use of the Services or implement the Services with respect to your calendared meetings.
WE COLLECT: Actions you perform when using the Services.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To administer the Services and improve the features and usability of the Services.To recommend to you additional features that may enhance your use of the Services.
WE COLLECT: The emails you send to and from your Pinch Labs account.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To detect spam, malware or other potential security concerns. To block delivery of such emails in the event they are determined to be spam, infected with malware or subject to other potential security concerns. As noted above, from time to time, we may contact you via email with information about the Services and features that we think may be beneficial to you and special offers. You may opt-out of such communications at any time by following the opt-out instructions provided in emails or by logging into your Pinch Labs account via our Site and changing your contact preferences. However, you will continue to receive essential Services-related and Pinch Labs account-related information, even if you unsubscribe from promotional emails.
WE COLLECT: Your email address from our Site and/or via Mobile Application.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: We may collect your email address or other contact information in the event that you email us with a question. We use that information to answer your question and, where we believe appropriate, to send you emails with additional information about the Services.

MEETING INFORMATION: You engage our Services in your meetings by inviting Notiv™ to attend via your computing devices (smartphone or computer) and/or by using Pinch Labs’ Mobile Application mobile application and recording a meeting live while you’re in the room with other meeting participants. Notiv™ will record, transcribe and store the output of a meeting, including the content, participants and any documentation associated with that meeting (the “Meeting Record”), subject to the Host’s commands and the commands of the meeting guests. At any time, either you or your guests may command Notiv™ to cease recording the remainder of your meeting discussion.
WE COLLECT: A recording of your entire meeting except for any portions of that meeting which Notiv™ is commanded to ignore.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To create a Meeting Record of the meeting. To enable Pinch Labs to generate insights, analytic summaries, and predictive highlights of the meeting from the Meeting Record (as host) and by the other individuals attending the meeting (as participants) (“Meeting Insights”). These Meeting Insights identify key words from the Meeting Record that are discerned by our Services as pertinent and central to the meeting discussion. To enable you and your meeting guests to search the Meeting Record for particular words or phrases and the related meeting discussion.
WE COLLECT: The portions of the Meeting Record which you (as Host) or the individuals invited to your meeting (as participants) highlight and designate for transcription to a written record (the “Transcription”).
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To enable Pinch Labs to compile a written record of those designated portions of the meeting that are to be made accessible or delivered to you and your meeting guests. To enable Pinch Labs to attempt to correct portions of the Transcription that the Services are unable to transcribe properly.
WE COLLECT: Deep learning and mapping of your speech patterns, vocabulary and meeting interactions.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To enable the artificial intelligence engine powering Pinch Labs’s Services to improve its recognition and understanding of your speech patterns and vocabulary. To minimize errors in the recording and transcription of the Transcription from the meeting discussion. To enhance our ability to generate and provide you and your meeting guests with useful information regarding the meeting. To support Pinch Labs’s efforts to generate useful analytic data, improve the Services, and identify flaws in, and useful features for, the Services. To recommend to you additional features that may enhance your use of the Services.
WE COLLECT: Information regarding when and where a meeting is held and any tags (i.e. descriptive information) related to that meeting.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To provide the history and context for a meeting to enhance the Meeting Record.In addition to the uses of information described above, Pinch Labs uses various tools and technologies to analyze the collected information detailed above in order to power features of our Services and to improve our Services for you. This may include, for example: Providing you information most relevant to how you are using the Services at a specific time or location; and Providing you information relevant to a Meeting Record or Transcription that you are creating or reviewing.

If you attend a meeting as a participant (in contrast to the Host) of a meeting,
WE COLLECT: Your email address from the Host. Note: for meetings conducted live via Mobile Application, we may not receive participant email addresses from the Host until after the meeting, if ever.
WHY WE COLLECT IT AND HOW WE USE IT: To identify you as a meeting participant. Before the meeting, to remind you of the start time and identify the other meeting participants, including Pinch. To send you a notice that Notiv™ will record the meeting, subject to the commands of the meeting host and participants, and to familiarize you with the commands that control Notiv™. To send you information regarding the meeting, including a link to the Meeting Insights of the meeting and the Transcription for the meeting. To confirm your identity as a meeting participant in the event you desire to review or search the Meeting Record at the Site and for the purpose of giving you access to the Meeting Insights and Transcription. To promote our Services and encourage prospective users to open a Pinch Labs service account.

When you visit the Site, use the Mobile Application or avail yourself to the Services, we or our affiliates and service providers collect and retain certain information that cannot be used to identify you, such as the nature and frequency of your use of Mobile Application and/or visits to the Site, the Site web pages you visit and how long you spend at the Site. We or our affiliates and service providers may use that information or aggregate it with other information to monitor the number of visitors to our Site and/or users of Mobile Application, how users use and interact with our Mobile Application, our Site and Services, and our users’ demographics. We use this information to monitor and improve our Services. We may also use this information to help us describe our Services to current and prospective users, business partners and other third parties.

As a general rule, Pinch Labs’ employees and service providers do not monitor, review or listen to your meeting information that is recorded and stored by our Services; however, we list below the limited circumstances in which our employees and service providers will access or review your Meeting Record: We need to do so to evaluate problems with the quality of the Transcription. When our Services detect portions of the Meeting Record that are difficult to transcribe (i.e. convert to written form) into Transcription, Pinch Labs’ voice specialists will undertake a limited review of the segment of the Meeting Record that is difficult to transcribe and attempt to transcribe accurately that portion of the Meeting Record into an intelligible Voice Note. In the event that we utilize the services of a third-party service provider to undertake this transcription task, Pinch Labs will make accessible only the problematic segments of the Meeting Record being transcribed into Transcription. In the event, a Meeting Record has multiple problematic segments to be transcribed into Transcription, then Pinch Labs will endeavor to use multiple outside voice specialists and restrict their respective access to a single problematic segment of the Meeting Record being transcribed into a Voice Note so that no single outside voice specialist gains access to much of the Meeting Record or more than one Voice Note thereby severely limiting any outside voice specialist’s ability to discern the topic and nature of the meeting information. We need to do so for other troubleshooting purposes. We believe our Terms of Service has been violated and confirmation is required or we otherwise have an obligation to review your meeting information as described in our Terms of Service. We believe it to be necessary to protect the rights, property or personal safety of Pinch Labs and its users (including to protect against potential spam, malware or other security concerns). We do so in order to comply with our legal obligations.

When you engage the Services and invite Notiv™ to a meeting, some of the personally identifiable information you provided to Pinch Labs and the meeting information will be shared with the other participant(s) in your meeting as follows: Your status as a user of the Services will be visible to your meeting guests. Your email address and any profile information that you have provided will be used to identify you as the meeting Host and distributed to the meeting guests. The Meeting Record will be made accessible to the meeting guests for whom we’ve received an email address, enabling them to listen to, and conduct searches on, the Meeting Record, subject to Pinch Labs confirming their participation in the meeting by validating their email. The Meeting Insights of the meeting and Transcription generated from the meeting will be made accessible to meeting guests for whom we’ve received an email address. Please note that if you’re recording a meeting live via the Mobile Application, you should make sure to provide email addresses for all meeting participants and make sure that all participants are aware that the meeting is being recorded.Your email address or profile information will be used to identify the meeting information that is distributed to your meeting guests, including with respect to the access given to the Meeting Record recording, the Meeting Insights, and the Transcription from the meeting.

Pinch Labs does not sell or rent your personal information or meeting information. It is yours and will remain yours. Except for actions you take to engage the Services to communicate and collaborate with your meeting guests, we only disclose your personal information or meeting information and/or Meeting Record(s) under the following circumstances:Where we have your explicit consent to share such information. Where we need to share your information or content with third-party service providers who process data on our behalf in order to: create a Meeting Record, Meeting Insights or generate Transcription; operate and improve the features and functionality of the Services; complete your payment transactions; fulfill your service requests; and help us communicate with you as described elsewhere in this Privacy Policy. Any sharing of such information with service providers will maintain your data rights as specified in this Privacy Policy. Where we believe it is necessary to investigate potential violations of our Terms, to enforce the Terms, or where we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud or potential threats against persons, property or the systems on which we operate the Services. We will not disclose your Personal Data or meeting information unless we believe such disclosure is required by law or we believe it is necessary to: comply with a legal obligation; act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of the Site, the Services, or the public; or protect against legal liability. We do so in connection with the sale or reorganization of all or part of our business, as permitted by applicable law. We may send information about Pinch Labs via email to those whom you invite to meetings to see if they’d like to try Pinch Labs; unless doing so would be in violation of applicable law. Other than that, Pinch Labs does not use personal information or meeting information for advertising or marketing purposes. Pinch Labs is not responsible for any disclosure, publication or use of your personal information or meeting information which you choose to include in your Meeting Record, including to the extent such personal information or meeting information is then incorporated into the Meeting Insights or Transcription.

You can use the Site without providing any personal information; however, if you choose not to provide any personal information, you will not be able to open a Pinch Labs account or engage the Services or Host meetings to which Notiv™ is invited. Your meeting information will be recorded and saved based upon how you engage the Services and instruct Notiv™ in your meetings. Your meeting information will be stored by Pinch Labs to enable retrieval, search, and transcription. The retention of such meeting information is subject to the default settings below.

If you’d like to update, correct, delete, or deactivate any personal information that you have provided to Pinch Labs, and/or you reasonably believe that Pinch Labs has personal information pertaining to you, please send your request to, and we will process your request within a reasonable time frame or as required by law. If you have an account with Pinch Labs, you may be able to access and correct your information and deactivate your account after logging into your account. You can stop using the Services at any time; and if you deactivate your account, the content in your account, including your profile and any Meeting Records will be automatically deleted within one (1) year. Pinch Labs will endeavor to accommodate all reasonable requests to access, correct or delete your personal information and meeting information unless it is required to be retained by law or for lawful business purposes. Once information is deleted from your Pinch Labs account, it will no longer be accessible to you or others who may access the Services. Pinch Labs’ back-up and archiving systems may retain residual copies of your personal information and meeting information for up to one year due to the nature of those systems’ operations.

When you engage the Services, the personal information and non-personally identifiable information that you submit and the meeting information you create will be transferred to and stored on Pinch Labs servers in the United States. By submitting this information to Pinch Labs and/or engaging the Services, you acknowledge and agree that such information, including personal information and meeting information, will be transmitted to and hosted and accessed in the United States. Data privacy laws or regulations in your home country may differ from those in the United States; however, we will collect, store and use your personal information, meeting information and non-personally identifiable information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the applicable laws of the United States.

Pinch Labs is committed to protecting the security of your information and takes reasonable commercial precautions to protect it. By using Services, you agree that our security practices as defined in this data security provision are sufficient. Pinch Labs uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data in transit. This is commonly referred to as transport layer security (“TLS”) or secure socket layer (“SSL”) technology. However, internet data transmissions cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and we cannot guarantee the security of information during its transmission between you and us.If Pinch Labs learns of a security system breach, we may attempt to notify you and provide information on protective measures, if available, through the email address that you have provided to us or by posting a notice on our Site. Depending on where you live, you may have a legal right to receive such notices in writing.

Pinch Labs requires its users to be at least 18 years of age. Pinch Labs does not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, please do not submit any personal information through the Site. If you have reason to believe that a child under the age of 18 has provided personal information to Pinch Labs through this Site, please contact us and we will endeavor to delete that information from our databases.

In addition to the above reference privacy practices, EU Data subjects are granted special rights under the General Data Privacy Regulation. While Pinch Labs does not actively market our services to persons located in the EU at this time, we understand that EU data subjects may use the Services as Hosts and meeting participants and visit the Pinch Labs Website. Our data protection office may be reached at Pinch Labs is a processor of data pursuant to the Services. Each meeting Host is the data controller and as such is responsible for directing the means by which Pinch Labs processes such data. Each host is also responsible for notifying meeting participants that Pinch Labs is enabled and ensuring that the Host has the consent of meeting participants where required. As a processor of data, Pinch Labs’ role is to process data as directed by each Host. Pinch Labs’ legal basis for processing the Personal Information of EU data subjects varies: meeting Hosts determine the legal basis for the Personal Data processed pursuant to the Services; Pinch Labs processes Personal Information that is required to provide the Services under contractual necessity, and; we process the Personal Information collected via our Website and associated sales and marketing programs under our legitimate interest where we have ascertained that the processing is not high risk and will not violate fundamental human rights. We use personal data such as your contact information via the Website with consent. Pinch Labs is committed to transparency, and we want EU data subjects to have access to Personal Information that we may have about them and/or the devices that they may use to access the Internet. Our process for accessing and correcting data processed via the Services is described above. EU data subjects seeking to view, edit, delete, port, or otherwise restrict Pinch Labs’ use of their Personal Information should email for information and instructions governing Pinch Labs’ honoring of data subject access rights.

Our goal is to respect your privacy. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy, you may contact us by email at attn.: Privacy Officer or by mail to Pinch Labs, Inc., attn.: Privacy Officer, 548 Market St #28428
San Francisco, California 94104-5401, United States of America.

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