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Unlock efficiency while never missing a detail

The AI-driven Notetaker helps you de-risk meetings by ensuring you never miss important points, clearly define next steps, and distribute minutes and tasks promptly.


Smarter meetings, better outcomes

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Manual minute processes

Manual minute taking can turn a 1.5 hour meeting into 6+ hours worth of work. Notes by Dubber's meeting transcriptions drastically reduce the time needed to present professional and concise minutes.

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Key moments or action items missed

Notes by Dubber leaves you to concentrate on meeting coordination while faithfully transcribing every word.

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Tight deadline for meeting deliverables

Review past meetings to create actions and share essential meeting details with your team members at the click of a mouse.

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Coordination woes

Set automatic pre-meeting reminders and grow your team to allow direct review and editing for meeting transcripts within the app.

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Benefits for the entire meeting process


Action item recognition

As well as recording your online meeting, Notes by Dubber's smart AI recognizes action items, allowing you to coordinate work better.

Easily shareable transcripts and items

Auto transcribe and share the full transcript, the executive summary, or simply a snippet with ease.

Clear and responsive UI

The Notes by Dubber app is built for easy engagement. Search through transcripts, manage access and track meeting action items effortlessly.

Daily digest

Direct to your inbox, Notes by Dubber sends you a digest of all of the important moments from recent meetings, including the ones you missed.

Speaker identification

Once you’ve attached a name to a speaker, Notes by Dubber builds up a voice profile that creates more efficient meetings, through greater context and the ability to follow up with the proper people.

Connected to your favorite apps

Transcribe online with Notes by Dubber and connect to your company’s go-to conference tools, plus and Asana for better project management.

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Can I add members of my team to Notes by Dubber?

Yes! In the Notes by Dubber app you can create custom channels for sharing and collaborating on meeting transcripts. Use your team members’ emails to add them to your channel, and once they sign up, they’ll have your permission to access the transcripts. See how to add people on this page.

How can I leave notes manually in Notes by Dubber?

The AI assistant automatically breaks down meetings into sections and important events for context and easier access, but you can also manually mark specific moments and classify them Action, Highlight, Decision, or Question. In addition, Notes by Dubber has built-in voice triggers and a notepad for any draft notes. Learn more about leaving notes here.

How secure does Notes by Dubber keep client data?

Notes by Dubber utilizes encryption of data in transit and at rest, hosts and manages its physical infrastructure within Amazon’s secure data centers and has teams on standby 24/7 to identify and act on any suspected security incidents. We make every effort to ensure complete security, and you can read about all our safety features in the dedicated security section of our website.

Is Notes by Dubber 100% accurate?

At the moment, no automated transcription is 100% accurate; however, our AI tool is constantly learning, and through voice profiles, constantly better at transcribing the slang, abbreviations, patterns of speaking and accents that characterize the English employed by those in your organization.

Notes by Dubber scales with your company.

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Best for individuals and small teams.


/per user per month
30-day trial included in all plans

Get Notes Professional


Key features include:
  • 20 hours of transcription (per month)

  • 2 hours of transcription (per meeting)

  • Web Conference Recording Record with iOS & Android apps

  • Chat integrations

  • Live transcription

  • AI-generated agenda, topics, notes, and action items



Best for bigger teams


/per user per month
30-day trial included in all plans

Get Notes Enterprise
Key features include:
  • 40 hours of transcription (per month)

  • 4 hours of transcription (per meeting)

  • Professional Features, plus...

  • Phone call recording

  • Speaker identification with voice profiles

  • Custom vocabulary

  • User roles & admin

  • Early Access to new features

  • Prioritized Support


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