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Sales Meetings

Impress in meetings and close those deals

Note-taking hindering your ability to stay focused during sales calls? Notiv records and transcribes your meetings so you can capture all the relevant points, be fully engaged and gain better control over your deals.


Smarter meetings, better outcomes

Team Meetings
Sales Meetings

Meeting stress kicking in?


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Preparation difficulties

You have a slew of conference calls across the week and little time for preparation. Luckily, Notes by Dubber assists with action items, meeting agendas, and allows you to review any of your past meetings at a convenient time.

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Critical information missed

The Notetaker captures every word and who said it, meaning each important decision can be reviewed and acted on with ease.

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Lack of focus

Are you scrawling minutes of the meeting only to find that your focus has shifted and you have missed something important? We make sure you’re across every key insight and can participate fully in discussions.

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Needless repetition

Notiv’s AI notetaker records calls and sets things out clearly, meaning the one transcription is all you need.

Dubber is loved by over 500,000 users worldwide

See why thousands of businesses like yours trust and love using Dubber to power focused and productive conversations.
Dubber is available on 170+ communications networks and platforms.




The best features for meeting management




Intuitive interface

Notes by Dubber's interface is user-friendly and once set up, will create automatic transcriptions without you having to lift a finger!

Easily shareable recordings and transcripts

Full transcripts, recordings, summaries, and action items can be shared with colleagues and clients. Leading meetings and delegating tasks quickly afterward is easier than ever.


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Integration with different conference services

Our automatic notetaker, integrates with an ever-increasing range of products, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Slack, and more!

Custom vocabulary

Using a lot of industry-specific terminology and acronyms? No problem, Notes by Dubber's custom vocabulary understands you. Your minute notes will accurately reflect what was said at the meeting.

Using a lot of industry-specific terminology and acronyms? No problem, Notiv’s custom vocabulary understands you. Your minute notes will accurately reflect what was said at the meeting.


Workflow optimization

You’ll never be caught unprepared as Notes by Dubber syncs to your calendar and meeting apps. Our smart AI then works as a meeting action tracker, highlighting important moments.

Transcript search

Manage meetings and better facilitate value-adding discussions by having crucial talking points at hand, rather than inefficiently sifting through different documents.

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Can I add members of my team to Notes by Dubber?

Yes! In the Notes by Dubber app you can create custom channels for sharing and collaborating on meeting transcripts. Use your team members’ emails to add them to your channel, and once they sign up, they’ll have your permission to access the transcripts. See how to add people on this page.

How secure does Notes by Dubber keep client data?

Notes by Dubber utilizes encryption of data in transit and at rest, hosts and manages its physical infrastructure within Amazon’s secure data centers and has teams on standby 24/7 to identify and act on any suspected security incidents. We make every effort to ensure complete security, and you can read about all our safety features in the dedicated security section of our website.

Does Notes by Dubber capture telephone conversations?

Yes! Important telephone calls, phone interviews and call center conversations can be transcribed as part of our type: entry-hyperlink id: 3x6nxW3f1OTyOIGluON8XW through the Meet Now section of our application. Read about how to set up a call with Notiv here.

How does Notes by Dubber recognize the members of my team?

On the first recording of a meeting, you can assign the names of your team members to the corresponding speakers present in the recording. From here, Notes BY Dubber's AI builds up voice profiles that will be able to accurately identify the team members at the next meeting. Part of the type: entry-hyperlink id: 3x6nxW3f1OTyOIGluON8XW, this makes analyzing a transcript and assigning tasks even easier. 

Notes by Dubber scales with your company.

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Best for individuals and small teams.


/per user per month
30-day trial included in all plans

Get Notes Professional


Key features include:
  • 20 hours of transcription (per month)

  • 2 hours of transcription (per meeting)

  • Web Conference Recording Record with iOS & Android apps

  • Chat integrations

  • Live transcription

  • AI-generated agenda, topics, notes, and action items



Best for bigger teams


/per user per month
30-day trial included in all plans

Get Notes Enterprise
Key features include:
  • 40 hours of transcription (per month)

  • 4 hours of transcription (per meeting)

  • Professional Features, plus...

  • Phone call recording

  • Speaker identification with voice profiles

  • Custom vocabulary

  • User roles & admin

  • Early Access to new features

  • Prioritized Support


We’ve got a plan for you.

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