Service Provider Services: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Dubber is a cloud call recording and communication capture service, available through telephony services providers. By operating from a native cloud platform – one that was developed and built on cloud infrastructure – we have democratised call recording and made it accessible for businesses of all sizes, even individuals.

Our partnerships with telecommunication service providers allows users all over the world to access cloud call recording on their mobile and desk phones – deployed in days. Simply choose a package, sign up, and let Dubber Connect take care of the set up.

By partnering with network providers, Dubber is available to all receivers of a network’s telecommunication services. Customers of our partners can choose a package that suits their needs and Dubber will deploy call recording to their mobile or desk phones in days. Users are assigned an agent to help them reap the benefits that Dubber’s services can offer.

We offers a range of service options from individual call recording to contact centre services to Dubber AI, our suite of speech
intelligence tools, helping businesses gain insight into business practices and customers through voice data analysis. Custom packages are also available. Call recording can be deployed in days – allowing users to prepare for regulatory requirements such as MiFID II.

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