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Dubber compliments its advanced AI, NLP and digital signal processing technology by collaborating with the world’s leading technology platforms to answer the broadest range of customer needs.


Innovating with global leaders in Tech

Dubber’s technology partnerships allow us to drive innovation with the world's most powerful technology platforms.


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Global Technology Partners

Marketplace | Cisco CUCM

Dubber is Cisco BroadCloud’s exclusive call recording partner, available on all Cisco telephony services. We are integrated with Cisco BroadWorks, powering many of the world’s largest service providers.

Through this strategic partnership, these service providers deploy a range of calling and collaboration applications, using Dubber’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS). 

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Dubber partners with Google to offer additional speech-to-text machine learning capabilities complementing our advanced transcription engines. Dubber customers receive best-in-class transcription capabilities across the broadest set of languages and accents available. 

Dubber also integrates with Google's Analytics suite of tools to power data export and visualisation capabilities, enabling customers to connect conversational intelligence with business analytics.

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Dubber is a Select Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). Our infrastructure sits within AWS, enabling us to provide global unified conversation recording and conversational AI solutions at a network level. These services come with unlimited scalability and secure cloud storage. All data is encrypted and stored within the region it was generated, guaranteeing data compliance and security for government and businesses of any size.

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables Dubber and AWS customers to benefit from best of breed compute, storage and AI. Dubber's unique and innovative conversational AI feature capabilities empower customers to solve their business-critical use cases. Plus, customers can seamlessly scale up or down with ease to suit changing business needs.

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With IBM and Dubber, organisations can elevate their operations with artificial intelligence, while ensuring data privacy, compliance and security.

Dubber's advanced AI, NLP and digital signal processing can be complemented with IBM Watson's Natural language processing, enabling the analysis of complex, unstructured data and even industry-specific jargon on calls across all devices and platforms.

Dubber customers can select IBM Cloud Object Storage (ICOS) to reduce the cost of backing up call data while allowing for simple adjustments to increase or decrease storage needs while retaining immediate access to all files. 

Dubber customers can select IBM Cloud™ Hyper Protect Crypto Services, providing unrivalled security and 100% compliance, regardless of where your business is located

Marketplace | Microsoft

Dubber works closely with Microsoft to produce rich integrations with their key products and services, including Power BI and Azure. 

We are fully certified for Microsoft, meaning that our solution has undergone rigorous third-party approved testing for quality assurance, performance within the Microsoft Azure environment, interoperability and compatibility with the Microsoft Teams user experience, as well as security and compliance, marketing and customer support.

Achieving Microsoft certification for the Dubber Unified Conversational Recording solution means service provider partners, channel partners and enterprise businesses are guaranteed a trusted solution that has met the highest levels of testing for Microsoft Teams. 

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