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Contact Centre intelligence

Modernising contact center and remote agent management. Cloud-based and enriched with AI, our platform does more than just listen. Dubber CallN unified conversational data and recording - automating, analyzing, and distributing insights on customer conversations, agent performance, quality assurance, and more.



Simple. Intelligent. Cloud-based recording for your Contact Centre

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Remove legacy costs and constraints

Simply and easily move to the cloud. Get to conversations and insights in seconds.

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Workforce Optimisation

Automate QA processes across all interactions, easily identify specific areas where additional agent training may be required and optimise team performance

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Analyse every conversation

Multi-channel insights and call recording. CallN makes it easy to tag and organise your calls while creating custom rules to minimise repetitive tasks.

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Compliance Risk

Ensure your business complies with regulatory and privacy laws and is effectively managing risk. Pause/resume calls at leisure and receive alerts for potential compliance issues.

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Customer Experience

Unlock insights from your customer interactions and gain the tools to measure and improve your business to customer engagement and experience. Minimise churn, maximise revenue. Reduce customer effort.

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Marketing Insights

Get a clear understanding of what customers say and want via powerful sentiment analysis, campaign monitoring, topics analysis, segments and much more.


Connected to leading Telephony Providers

Dubber CallN is supported on all eligible Dubber end-points and services, including:

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Dubber CallN also supports a vast array of ethernet switches and routers that support ‘port mirroring’.


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A few of the features customers love
Handset Grouping & Call Tagging

Create handset groups with custom rules or tag calls individually

Keypress Actions (DTMF)

Save agent time with actions like call tagging or stopping and resuming call recordings

Dashboard & Reporting

Get call duration and other statistics at a glance within your dashboard

CallN Analytics

Drive actionable insights from interactions between the two most important resources in your business; your employees and customers.

Automatic Call Transcription

CallN Analytics automatically transcribes every call with high accuracy

Sentiment Analysis

Advanced AI analyses each word to provide insights into customer and agent sentiments

Voice of Customer Analysis (VOC)

CallN draws insights that clearly represent voice-of-the-customer

Powerful Rules Engine

Set criteria using a variety of conditions and drive actions autonomously


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What sets Dubber CallN apart

  • Fully featured dashboards

  • Advanced sentiment analysis - customer and agent

  • PCI DSS Compliant

  • Scalable Architecture

  • Powerful rules engine

  • Powered by the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud

  • Drag & Drop Rules Engine

  • End-to-end Encryption (SSL)

  • User-friendly interface

  • Automated PCI Redaction

Comprehensive Dashboarding & Reporting

Get a high level snapshot of key call statistics at a glance within your dashboard - easily connect to the dashboards and applications you use most.

Dubber CallN reveals more

CallN provides powerful analytics and reporting tools for improving workplace performance and proactively managing risk, allowing you to learn what works and build a better relationship with customers.

  • See where customers are calling from at a state, city or suburb level

  • View analytics on sentiment and easily filter calls with positive or negative experiences

  • Track customer sentiment and agent sentiment over time

  • Measure contact centre performance on certain keywords or phrases

  • Automate the agent QA process through the score sheets function

  • Train sales and customer support teams and implement better solutions based on analytical insights

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Products | Calln | Comprehensive Dashboarding & Reporting | See key metrics at a glance | image
See key metrics at a glance

Dubber CallN overview dashboards provide a high level snapshot of key call metrics.

  • Overview dashboard

  • Out of the box reports (schedulable)

  • Custom reports (schedulable)

  • In-depth activity log for all recordings

  • Advanced dashboard (CallN+ users only)

Powerful analytics

Dubber CallN dashboards provide an overall snapshot of call activities with powerful analytics.

  • Get comprehensive overviews of key metrics through customisable dashboards

  • Set-up out-of-the-box or custom reports (schedulable)

  • Access an in-depth activity log for all user initiated activities

  • Advanced Contact Centre dashboards available for CallN Analytics users

Products | Calln | Comprehensive Dashboarding & Reporting | Powerful analytics | image
Products | Calln | Comprehensive Dashboarding & Reporting | Serious Sentiment Analytics | image
Serious Sentiment Analytics

Dubber CallN makes setting up speech analytics in your contact centre quick and easy so you can start reaping the benefits sooner.

  • Track customer and agent sentiment over time for better understanding

  • Set up rules to be applied when certain keywords or phrases are detected

  • Get access to call transcriptions that provide general context

  • Cloud-based and compatible with most VOIP systems

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