Dubber Suite

The world’s most complete and unified conversational recording and intelligence solution

From individuals to teams of thousands, Dubber scales in the cloud. Catch every conversation - voice, video and chat - securely, and compliantly. Discover AI-enriched insights in an instant.

You’re one step away from ending not knowing




Record. Replay. Reveal.

You'll do more with Dubber

Youll do more with dubber | Connect to the hybrid workplace
Capture & do more for less

Eliminate legacy call centre software and recording costs with Dubber. Shift to the cloud and do more by capturing more conversations from more sources.

icon | Use conversational data at scale
Use conversational data at scale

Unify and enrich conversational data. Connect data and insights to big data and the applications you depend on - Salesforce, IBM Cognos, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and more. Learn more about Dubber integrations.

Youll do more with dubber | Accelerate discovery
Satisfy information requests easily, quickly and accurately

Dubber Elastic Search, keyword alerts, rich transcriptions, and more make it easy to surface conversational content and connect to workflows.

icon | Compliance at every level
Compliance at every level

Compliantly record and transcribe every customer conversation to meet compliance mandates and quickly respond instantly to audits and investigations. Learn more.

icon | Enterprise-grade controls
Enterprise-grade controls

GDPR compliant storage, enterprise-grade security and access controls; simplified team management and enforceable recording. See how Dubber is setting the standard for secure and compliant UCR.

Youll do more with dubber | Regulatory Compliance | icon
Safe, secure, accessible

Secured in the cloud. Protect your data. Access instantly via the Dubber App and Portal.

Inside more of the world’s leading service providers and solutions

Billions of minutes captured from conversations across 150 services providers and solutions. 


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Put the power of Dubber to work for you

Mix solutions to suit departmental needs. Simply and easily upgrade to more advanced solutions. Integrate data in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud.

Core Packages


Dubber You

Private, confidential and compliant call recording for you or individuals on your team. You control what’s recorded, shared or deleted. Learn more.

Dubber Teams

For managers and leaders needing central review and control over 100% accurate recordings and data. Learn more.

Dubber Premier

All Dubber’s functionality unleashed for leaders in business & government demanding untapped intelligence. Learn more.

Products | Dubber Suite | Put the power of Dubber to work for you | Core Packages
Products | Dubber Suite | Put the power of Dubber to work for you | Compliance Team Solutions | image

Compliance Team Solutions

Designed for Compliance Teams in Enterprise and Government.

Compliance Team edition

For Compliance teams to monitor, store and review recordings. Learn more.

Premier Compliance Team edition

For compliance teams to monitor, store and review recordings, transcriptions, sentiment and more. Learn more.

Voice Intelligence Cloud Compliance Team edition

Ideal for compliance teams who only seek to record calls with confidence, then store and unify data in a single easily accessible source of truth. Learn more.

Upgrade with Dubber Add-ons


UCR Plus add-on

Add an additional service or application to your account. Learn more.

Video add-on pack

Upgrade to record and store video. Learn more.

Video Storage add-on

Storage expansion pack for video content. Learn more

Dubber Call Recording Archive

Easily archive your recordings from Dubber or any other source. Learn more

Dubber API

Connect Dubber to your favourite apps and data repositories. Learn more.

Dubber on Salesforce

Integrate Dubber recordings with Salesforce. Learn more.

Dubber on Salesforce Premier

Integrate Dubber recordings, transcripts, metadata, sentiment and more with Salesforce. Learn more.

Products | Dubber Suite | Put the power of Dubber to work for you | Upgrade with Dubber Add-ons | image

Why more businesses and government choose Dubber


Unified call recording

See all your recordings and data in one place - whether in the Dubber app or Voice Intelligence Cloud get total visibility into conversations - from one to many services. Voice, video and chat.

Cloud and native

Zero hardware, infinite scale, flexible monthly plans make the return on conversational data compelling and affordable.


Compliant capture and storage - and the insights to power compliance outcomes for any industry


AI-enriched insights from beautiful transcriptions to transcriptions and conversational data. Automagical alerts, notifications, elastic search and more.

Personal and protected

Control what is recorded, who records, who shares, what is deleted. Easily enact legal hold and protect data for investigations.

Integrated and integrateable

Easily share recordings and connect Dubber to your favourite apps, dashboards, big data sets and more.

Always included

All Dubber solutions include

Youll do more with dubber | Connect to the hybrid workplace
Zero hardware or services needed

On with a click from all eligible services. Dubber Customer Success will have you up and running quickly.

Youll do more with dubber | Healthcare | Improve operations
Unlimited recordings and storage

All in your private and secure Voice Intelligence Cloud.

Youll do more with dubber | Healthcare | Improve Record Keeping
Easy access to recordings

For review, share and download from the Dubber App and Web Portal.

icon | use cases | people intelligence | Youll do more with dubber | Boost productivity | availability
Real-time search

Of conversations to quickly get to the conversations you need.

Youll do more with dubber | Regulatory Compliance | icon
Compliant & Secure

Industry-leading compliance and enterprise-grade security eliminate risk and give you peace of mind. GDPR and PCI compliant. Record with confidence.

Youll do more with dubber | Coaching and training
Global 24x7 Support

Support specialists are there when you need them. 24x7 to help solve any challenge.

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