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by Dubber

Dubber is the world’s #1 Unified Recording and Conversational AI solution. Record every meeting and conversation. Store, share and review. Boost productivity, collaboration and automate workflows.

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Meet like a Pro with Notes on Microsoft Teams

Level up your notetaking and empower teams with unlimited AI-driven conversation capture.

Enable individuals and teams working across personal and shared digital environments to be more productive, drive collaboration and improve engagement.

Never lose critical actions and insights again, with crucial commentary and highlights captured with AI.


Supercharge insights with meeting topics and chapters

With AI driven ‘topics’ you’re positioned to gain better oversight of conversations that are happening in your organisation. Notes Pro breaks down meetings into chapters, providing critical context to recordings.

Unify recordings, data and insights

Notes Pro delivers a single window into all recordings, increasing contol, ease of access and security over recordings and their data.

A safety net for critical converational data

With AI driven capture, you can rest easy knowing your important moments won’t be missed, bridging the gap between human error and AI provisioning.

Key Features


  • Available on Microsoft Teams with integrated log in via SSO for seamless deployment

  • 1 year retention policy with 20 hours recording a month

  • Keyword search across Teams

  • Enterprise grade security

  • Install app and go

  • Entire meeting playback and transcription

  • Curate meeting summaries, reassign actions and edit moments

  • Real-time collaboration workspace - share moments & actions

  • AI driven topics and chapter summaries for meeting context

  • Tag meetings for quick discovery

  • Create meeting agendas

  • Moments per user in every meeting and available to everyone for review

  • Enable better task management

  • Enterprise, volume and Government pricing available on request

  • Available to everyone

The Notes Suite is solving critical business pain points

Accelerated non-compliance discovery

Increasing compliance and audit costs are creating a demand for better visibility around how our organisations communicate.

Productivity as a baseline

Better collaboration, eliminate inaccurate and time-wasting manual note taking. Productivity is about effectiveness, accuracy and the creation of capacity.

Derisking the rise of BYOD

Avoid data and privacy leakage from primitive note taking provisions. Dodge risks associated with cloud storage with an affordable solution. 

The downsides of Hybrid work

The Notes suite tackles decreasing innovation, collaboration, retention and ability to recruit caused by the hybrid model

Drive better collaboration

Take back two to five hours lost productivity a week documenting meetings, sharing notes and engaging in ineffective meetings.

Why more businesses are putting down the pen with the Dubber


  • Business-grade
    Avoid the risks of primitive personal recording - eliminate the costs of legacy recording

  • More flexible & affordable
    Flexible subscriptions, instantly-provisioned in and from the Cloud

  • Connected
    Easily integrate with apps - like Salesforce. Instantly create dashboards and reports

  • Simple & easy
    On your phone or from your browser - every conversation is a click away


  • Native & certified
    Native to and certified for Microsoft Teams - a complete and managed solution

  • Unified Cloud Recording
    The one place for all recordings from any end-point and type - voice, video, chat

  • Exclusive priority support through our Foundation programme
    Rapid onboarding and support through every stage of platform integration

  • Over 580,000 subscribers
    Recording, replaying and revealing insights from mobile, UC and legacy services


  • More compliant & secure
    Compliant and secure recording, storage and management

  • AI Powered
    Tap rich insights, sentiment, real-time search, beautiful transcriptions and meeting moments

  • Managed & Integrated
    A fully integrated Cloud-based solution, always on, always available

  • Comply with certainty
    Billions of minutes recorded compliantly, secured in the Dubber Conversation Cloud and controlled through Enterprise-grade services.

Microsoft Teams Certified

#1 Compliant Microsoft Teams Recording Solution

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