Voice Intelligence Cloud

The one cloud for every conversation

Unify all recordings and conversational data in one place. Any end-point, any conversation type, securely and compliantly managed.


You’ll do more in the cloud

Intelligent storage. Intelligent insights.

The Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud is the platform on which all Dubber solutions and services are built. And, it’s available to Enterprise and Government requiring scaled cloud infrastructure for storing, managing and processing large volumes of voice data.

For service providers it acts as the core infrastructure on which new services are built and from which conversational data, recordings and intelligence is delivered.

Five reasons to deploy
  1. Free critical conversational recording from costly data and application silos

  2. Reduce archival and storage complexity and compliance risk

  3. Apply true AI, NLP and machine learning to conversational data

  4. Easily integrate conversational data with applications and big data sets

  5. Create new services and uses for conversational data

75% of conversations will be recorded by 2025

… and these capabilities will enable "the discovery of added organisational value or risk …


Do more with Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud

Industry-leading performance, scalability, availability and compliance

Scale your storage resources up and down to meet fluctuating demands, without upfront investments or resource procurement cycles.

AI Training

Develop AI learning regimes based on specific Enterprise requirements

Any end-point - One cloud

Centralised management of all recordings and ingestion of historical recordings - even data not originating from Dubber.

True AI, machine learning and NLP

Multi-vendor AI technologies enable best-of-breed AI to be applied to conversational recordings and the appropriate solution selected based on language processing performance.

Advanced transcription engines

The world’s leading transcription engines do the work with Auto Language Detection and more.

Advanced cloud storage

Dubber’s cloud-based multi-region infrastructure design powers the Voice Intelligence Cloud and answers GDPR and regional data legislation requirements

Hybrid cloud storage

Set up private connectivity between the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud and on-premises or third-party clouds like Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

Flexible API

Enable simple and seamless custom integrations and federate data to your favourite business applications leveraging Dubber RESTful

Scale infinitely

Scale storage infinitely at a fraction of the cost of legacy call recording and application specific solutions

Control permissions and access

Centralised control of data use and permissions. Easily create tamper-proof archives and enact legal hold on data sets.

Deep archival

Archive within the Voice Intelligence Cloud or to Enterprise archives

Unmatched security, compliance, and audit capabilities

Store your data in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud and secure it from unauthorized access with encryption features and access management tools.

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