How does Dubber record phone calls?

Dubber has transformed call recording to a native cloud based platform, allowing us to deploy our call recording service worldwide. The technical side is this: the Dubber call recorder captures SIP and RTP from a telephony platform and then processes the raw data and converts them into audio files, which users are then able to use for processing and playback through the Dubber platform.

Dubber became BroadSoft accredited in 2015, which essentially enables our call recording solution to be deployed to any and all platforms that already employ SIPREC – the BroadWorks interface. The BroadSoft partnership therefore allows Dubber to achieve a call recording solution that offers new levels of functionality and service to our users.

Dubber’s call recording solution works by capturing recorded data from telephony platforms, and then transferring the recorded data to local service providers around the world, in a way that does not interfere with the current telephony service. Therefore, the Dubber platform enables seamless integration into existing platforms.

How does Dubber record phone calls?

The native cloud platform enables Dubber’s call recording solution to have all the traditional benefits of legacy call recording solutions, as well as a list of the additional benefits that come from utilising cloud computing. The elasticity of cloud computing enables Dubber’s call recording to be fully scalable. Our call recording can therefore be automatically scaled to a company’s individual requirements, ensuring call recording is now accessible for organisations of all sizes. It also offers our users high security, rapid deployment, unlimited storage capacity, additional functionality and no upfront costs. Ultimately, the Dubber solution has abolished previous limitations of call recording and opened up a myriad of extra applications and benefits.

Dubber’s call recording solution can be offered as fully managed by our team of experts, or as managed by a service provider. It can also operate as either a complete and isolated service or, through our open API, as an integration into pre-existing applications. For the first time, call recording is available as a product that is fully relevant, accessible and affordable to service providers, enterprises and everyday users alike. Our software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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