How will Dubber use my data?

Dubber acknowledge that all audio files and captured data are owned by the end user and strives to create a secure environment for users to store and access their recorded data. Dubber retain the rights to manage and maintain any data created within the Dubber platform that may relate to user management or support. A rigid focus on providing the highest levels of privacy for the retention and deletion of user data is at the very core of Dubber’s construction. We have therefore created a secure Data Processor for storing user data. The Data Processor functions by spreading the data load of the platform across multiple different availability zones to provide full redundancy.

How will Dubber use my data?

The Data Processor is managed by a team of industry experts, and their access is controlled by Dubber security measures. Any employee with access to the Data Processor does not have the required permission to access recorded data either whilst retained or in the process of deletion. Dubber employees have a contractual agreement that all recorded data within the platform is owned by the end user, and so is restricted in access and permissions.

Dubber stores all user data within Amazon Web Services AWS S3 storage system. All user data, including metadata and recorded audio files, is stored securely in dedicated data silos for individual tenants, and all files are stored in secure and encrypted repositories. Only users that are registered to an account have an encryption key to access their data.

Data is stored safely within the Dubber platform through a multi-level system of security measures. Data is only able to be deleted by a user registered to that account, and any data deleted from the platform is stored in a deletion cache, ensuring retrieval by authorised users up to 30 days after.

To use Dubber’s services, parties must first acknowledge and agree to a series of terms and conditions. These detail our terms of service, and are available through our platform to all existing customers. For those who are not already a customer, our terms of service can be made available to you. Simply contact us with a request and we will provide you with the document.

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