How do I implement Dubber’s services?

Dubber’s call recording operates as a true Software as a Service product, and is deployed through service providers. Dubber works closely with telephony, service and communications providers worldwide to deploy a call recording product that functions with the same high quality standard anywhere in the world.

Our cloud-based recording platform has been designed to integrate especially with the highly scalable architecture of Service Providers. Essentially, our recording solution has been designed as a standard SIPREC interface, providing a link between any service provider’s environment and our recording platform. This enables any company that already utilises the SIPREC interface to deploy the Dubber cloud-based call recording solution. This has largely been made possible by an accreditation by BroadSoft.

How do I implement Dubber's services?

Dubber’s cloud-based call recording solution guarantees rapid deployment, as service providers can now switch on our call recording product without the traditional hindrances or delays that occur from the hardware requirements of legacy call recording solutions. There are limited administration and setup requirements, simply contact us and we can get you started. This all means that now, our call recording solution can be up and running in just a matter of hours. Dubber automatically provisions call recording for all users currently using a BroadWorks SIPREC interface.

Users also have the option of a hassle free testing method to trial our services without affecting their current systems, in the Dubber Lab. The Lab acts as somewhat of a call recording sandbox. Carriers and other companies can therefore test our services by connecting BroadWorks lab systems to the Dubber platform in a matter of minutes.

Dubber also works closely with telephony, service and communications providers globally to bring our users additional and innovative communications capture analytics features, including Zoe and Playback. Playback is a call capture solution aimed at the individual, where users can build up a record of their saved conversations – which are then available to replay and relive at any time. The solution is accessed through an app and can be activated as a service through the service provider, and so can also be rapidly deployed to users.

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