How much do Dubber’s services cost?

The Dubber call recording service has been built on a native cloud platform, enabling us to offer a call recording solution that benefits from unlimited scalability. This means that our call recording solution is available to organisations of all sizes and budgets, simply because it is designed to grow as the company grows – ensuring that our pricing is adaptable to every user’s individual needs as well.

Dubber’s solution is flexible and customised to fit each customer’s individual call recording needs. The pricing is therefore also flexible and bespoke for each individual case. Dubber’s call recording is available as a Software as a Service product, which is priced through a subscription model and has the option to record every call without any limitations on storage. This pricing option offers adaptable monthly payments based on your actual usage, ensuring that you do not experience any unnecessary costs. It is also available as a flexible pay as you go model, where recording is paid for as it is used, and hence this pricing is controlled by a user’s demand.

As pricing is individual to each user and project, and based entirely upon your call recording needs, there is no generalised pricing estimate. However, it can be stated with confidence that, due to the flexibility and efficiency of the pay-as-you-go and usage pricing models, long term cost of utilising Dubber’s call recording service is a fraction of the long term costs of traditional methods.

Our solution is able to be so much more affordable primarily because Dubber has no need for hardware – our call recording service operates from a native cloud based platform. This in turn eliminates any hardware-based costs – which are extensive, and include implementation, maintenance, upgrades, hiring additional employees, training and software licenses. Our call recording solution is therefore guaranteed to have no upfront costs, and overall is a drastically less than the costs of traditional call recording solutions.

How much do Dubber’s services cost?

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