Call Recording

What is call recording?
Call recording is the process of safely recording telephone calls and storing them for future access.

What is a call recording software?
Call recording software is a program which is used to intelligently record calls and allow management of the recorded audio files.

Do I need call recording?
Traditional use cases of call recording tend to apply to contact centres and organisations within the financial industry.

Can I record mobile phone calls?
Yes recording phone calls on a mobile device can be easily achieved.

Is it legal to record calls?
Call recording laws differ from country to country.

How do I install call recording?
Implementing call recording for your individual use could be tricky or come with a lot of limitations such as security, scalability and storage.

What is SIPREC recording?
To assist with SBC with the job of call recording, a framework was created that manufacturers of SBCs and call recorders can follow. Session Initiation Protocol Recording (SIPREC) defines the architecture, relevant call flows, and metadata that can be used for call recording.

What is mobile voice recording?
Mobile voice recording is a call recording solution adapted to the mobile user, responding to an increased need for end user access to recording on all devices, including non-fixed lines. This solution was developed to answer to the increasing mobility of the workplace and everyday user.

What is UC with mobility?
UC stands for Unified Communications, defined as the integration of multiple forms of communication. UC aims to amalgamate real-time communications with non-real-time communications. To match the increasing mobility of the workplace and everyday user, demand for UC with mobility is increasing.

What is BroadSoft call recording?
Essentially, the BroadWorks platform from BroadSoft enables clients to deploy Unified Communications solutions around the world. Dubber is accredited by BroadSoft