What is call recording software?

Call recording software is a program that allows the user to record their calls. It is able to intelligently record calls and to maintain the recorded audio files. The intelligence of the software allows users to analyse the content of their calls. This analysing ability is why call recording software has traditionally been used by call centres for quality assurance, training and dispute resolution purposes.

Call recording softwares vary from vendor to vendor and are used in various industries for various purposes. Traditionally, call recording software is used by call centres and the financial sector for a variety of purposes that include training, ensuring quality customer service, resolving disputes, training staff and compliance with internal or external regulatory processes. Conventional call recording software functions through the use of an on-site hardware installation. Dubber’s call recording software however, is offered from a native cloud-based platform, using Amazon Web Services to guarantee the highest security specifications. The list of benefits in transforming call recording software to a cloud-based platform are endless.

Dubber’s intelligent software has abolished previous limitations of call recording through its cloud-based platform and inventive additional technologies. Our software has opened up a myriad of applications and benefits for every user.


What is call recording software?

The advantages of cloud-based call recording software all stem from the freeing of hardware restraints. They include unlimited scalability, which allows users to experience the software at a scale based purely on their demand, rapid deployment, which allows users to start using our call recording services the same day, a software as a service product with no upfront costs, innovative additional technology that allows the user to interact with their calls like never before, and finally an open API, which allows the user to mould the software to fit their individual requirements.

Our native cloud-based platform enables us to deploy our services across the globe, ensuring that our call recording software can be accessed from any region. Our software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device.

So there you have it. Dubber’s call recording software is a fraction of the price, adaptable to your individual requirements as a business, revolutionary, can fit any scale, and managed by us – making all of the installation and maintenance easier for you. Overall, users experience less headaches, and more time to concentrate on the benefits for their customers.

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