Do I need call recording?

Call recording software is used in various industries for various purposes. Traditionally, call recording software is extremely useful for both call centres and the financial sector. Both have therefore utilised call recording for multiple purposes, including: training new staff members, quality assurance for customer service, fast dispute resolution, employee evaluations, staff incentives and compliance with internal and external regulatory processes.

Call recording is only increasing in importance in what is now a largely digital workplace, due to constantly evolving technology and the increased mobility of work habits. Call recording is therefore a sure way to increase the efficiency of your business, and to help you achieve a modern, profitable and productive workplace. In the constantly evolving environment of a modern, digital workplace, evolving your business as it changes and grows is of utmost importance. Call recording is one tool that can help in keeping your systems and business up to date. Dubber’s call recording solution has revolutionised telephony technology, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes for the first time, so that it is not only large organisations with sizeable budgets who can benefit from its service.

Do I need call recording?

Call recording also has its personal uses, from reliving important conversations to aiding your education; from keeping souvenirs of personal conversations to organising the admin of your day to day life. Dubber’s innovative software has revolutionised call recording from a native cloud platform, validating its usefulness for both the business and everyday user.

Users will also benefit from a call recording service with unlimited scalability, allowing us to adapt the scale to the requirements of your business, no upfront costs, limitless storage, increased security, a native cloud platform, an open API, allowing you to mould the service to your business, and even a safe way to test all our services without affecting any of your current IT setup – we call it the Dubber Lab. The benefits to your business of the Dubber Lab has been recognised by others communications and call recording field.

For all these reasons and many more, Dubber has increased the relevance of call recording to include everyone. Our software enhances the overall experience of call recording for service providers, small to large business owners and the everyday user. 

The list of potential use cases is endless, and includes staff training in the retail sector, dispute resolution in sales, and compliance in the legal and finance sectors.

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