What is call recording?

Put simply, call recording is the process of safely recording telephone calls and storing them for future access. At full functionality, call recording is actually useful in a vast number of circumstances, and can increase productivity to a long list of use cases.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase: “This call may be monitored and recorded for record keeping, training and quality assurance purposes” whilst connecting to a call centre, then you’ve witnessed the traditional function of call recording. Contact centres have long made use of call recording for training, monitoring, and settling disputes. Traditionally it also has uses in the finance sector and payment card industry. The top uses of call recording, listed from a survey of 80 business professionals, include: quality assurance, dispute resolution, training and development, compliance with regulatory processes, order verification, sales performance assessment and staff motivation.

What is call recording?

In a time with such exponential growth in technology, as well as an increased mobility in our working habits, call recording is becoming increasingly important. Properly used and managed call recording systems can increase a business’ efficiency and income, by some margin. That is what we hope to bring to our users.

Traditional call recording methods require extensive costs from endless amounts of hardware, implementation and constant maintenance. They are also incredibly time-consuming, requiring endless maintenance, upgrading, rewriting and fine tuning whenever an organisation’s server capacity even slightly increases. This is where Dubber changes everything.

We provide call recording without the headaches of implementation, customisation, maintenance, upgrades, training or licenses, and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional service. Transformed to a native cloud platform, Dubber offers call recording with the added security of Amazon Web Services’ system, as well as a few innovative inventions of our own. These benefits make call recording accessible for everyone, and useful for everyone. Record, everything.

Our additional innovative functions, ensure that call recording can be useful for everyone, in a huge range of scenarios. We aim to increase the usefulness of call recording for Service Providers, small to large business owners and the individual.

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